What's it Cooperative Play game from Peaceable KingdomI’ve mentioned before how much I adore Peaceable Kingdom, especially their line of cooperative play games. They’re a terrific way to enjoy a family game night without anyone ending up in tears (although it’s usually me going “no fair” because I never win!), since players compete against the game itself rather than each other. Peaceable Kingdom is still making all the games you’ve come to love, including a really cool cooperative play game called “What’s It?”, and now they also have a great line of exciting 3D stickers and sticker books. We got to check out What’s It? and a really cool Aliens Attack Sticker Activity Poster, hence the title of this post.


Aliens Attack! Do they come in peace or plan to take over the world? It’s up to your child!

Aliens Attack 3D Stickers and Poster from Peaceable Kingdom

The Aliens Attack 3D Sticker poster comes with 3D glasses, a pull-out poster than you can hang on the wall, and two sticker sheets with about 40 stickers total. Just hang the poster up within reach of your child and let him go to town creating! Jacob thought the 3D effect was pretty awesome. He insisted that we try to take a picture through the glasses, but it didn’t quite work out as well as we expected. Still, it was fun trying!

Peaceable Kingdom Aliens Attack

Why do aliens (and kids!) love the cooperative play game “What’s It?” so much? Because it’s fun!

Along with the stickers, we also received a really fun cooperative play game called “What’s It?” from Peaceable Kingdom. The tagline for the game is “where great minds think alike,” and that’s pretty much the aim of the game- to come up with answers that other players have. This is probably my favorite Peaceable Kingdom game so far, as it’s perfect for family members of all ages.

What's It Cooperatve Play Game from Peaceable Kingdom

The game comes with 6 dry erase boards and markers, 150 Doodle Cards, a game board, a category die, and a timer. The object of the game is to look at a doodle and come up with answers that match other family members. The answers have to be in a specific category. For example, in the picture below, the category was “things you use.”

Cooperative play with Peaceable Kingdom

You roll the die, flip a card, and start the timer. Each player writes down a few answers that they feel ft both the category and the doodle. To me, that doodle looked like a butterfly, a bow tie, and a hair bow. Technically, butterfly doesn’t fit because it’s not really something we use. The object is to come up with at least one answer that the majority of players also have on their board. If your team manages that, you get to move ahead on the board. If no answers match, the Doodler gets the point. The goal is to beat the Doodler by working as a family.

Take the game even further!

Now, you know how I love games that can be altered into other games, right? The cool thing about What’s It? is that you can turn it into a Pictionary-style game with a twist. Each turn, have some one take the Doodle card, replicate it on their dry erase board, then add elements that fit the category. For example, I turned this doodle into a house:

Create your own cooperative play game with What's It

See my pretty curtains? Okay, so it looks like the type of house Dr. Seuss would live in, I told you I couldn’t draw, but you get the idea! This alternate way of playing works great when there is just two players. If Jacob guesses what I’m drawing (or drew) before time runs out, we get a point. If not, the Doodler gets the point. With a little imagination, I’ve found that just about every game can be turned into a whole new game, making it double the fun!


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