FairiesAbout a year ago, as I was putting Jake to bed one night after he lost a tooth, he informed me that he thought I was the tooth fairy. He was only 6! How could he already know that! I, of course, overreacted and said “every time you say something like that, a fairy drops dead! Now clap your hands and say ‘I do believe in fairies!'” Perhaps some would say that wasn’t my best parenting moment, but I’m trying to hold onto my baby as long as I can!

Believing in fairies finally paid off, as I just received a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, who apparently resides in a tumbler dryer of some sort. No one would ever think to look for a fairy there! Plus, it has to be much warmer in there than in the forests around my house right now. We’re having a lovely surprise snow storm.

The Fairy Hobmother popped by my site, liked what he saw, and graced me with a $50 Amazon Gift Card, which I’ll probably spend on my non-believer son. Maybe then he’ll start believing in fairies again! I don’t get it, though, the kid believes in creepers, some guy named Herovine, and Ender Dragons (which, for the longest time, I though he was saying Endodragon, and thought perhaps it was a mythical beast with an endocrine problem), so why not fairies?

Do you want a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? Leave a comment below enticing him to come visit your site (be sure to leave your link too!). Think of it as the virtual equivalent of leaving out bread and milk. Then keep an eye on your email, because it took a good two weeks for me to get one after leaving a comment on Grandma Juice’s post, so if you don’t hear right away, don’t give up hope.

>Note- I am receiving a $50 Amazon Gift Card to spread the word about the Fairy Hobmother and his residence, Appliances Online. This in no way affects my opinion regarding fairies, I’ve always believed in them and always thought they were pretty awesome.