How to Host a Fun Family Movie NightWe are huge movie fanatics in this house. I think that’s pretty obvious as soon as you walk into our living room, as there is a seven-foot book shelf filled with movies. I’d say we have close to 1,000 movies in this house, and still have a huge wishlist of others that we want to get eventually. While going out to the movies once in a while is a fun treat, it’s a little expensive to do regularly. Having a family movie night in is much more cost-effective and can be just as fun as sitting in a theater.


Tips for Hosting a Fun and Cost-Effective Family Movie Night

1.  Choose the right movie! This is pretty much a no-brainer. Without a good movie, you can’t have a fun family movie night. The key is to choose something that everyone can enjoy. If you have little ones, picking a horror movie may not be the best option (unless your kids are into them). Jacob is really sensitive about scary movies, so I have to be really careful. Even some kids movies have scary scenes. The Jungle Book by Phase 4 Films is a great option, as it has action and adventure that is kid-friendly, yet still fun for adults to watch. There is also a great selection of Hallmark movies online that are perfect for family movie nights.

Jungle Book

2. Load up on snacks. When you go to the theater, do you typically let your kids splurge and eat popcorn and candy? If so, then do it at home too! If not, well, consider bending the rules a bit. Of course, you can always serve healthy snacks, like air-popped popcorn, but the idea is to make it a little more special than the average weeknight snack fare.

Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix for Family Movie Night

Since I received a $50 Walmart gift card as part of the Jungle Book Family Movie Night gift basket, I went out and got all the ingredients to make my own Chex Mix. It’s so easy to make. I used this recipe for Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix, but instead of using cheese crackers (I don’t like the texture), I used 4 cups of pretzels.

3. Get some cool props! Have you ever gone to a movie where everyone was dressed up as a character? Okay, I admit, I’ve never done this, but apparently it’s ll the rage with certain movies! The cool thing about having a Family Movie Night in is that you can be as crazy or goofy as you want, and no one else besides your family will see you. Jacob enjoyed wearing his Mowgli mask to celebrate our Jungle Book movie night. He couldn’t see through it to watch the movie, but he did still have fun with it!

Family Movie Night

4. Turn the living room into a movie theater. Replicate the feeling of being in a theater by turning all the lights off and turning up the volume. I’m not saying you should blow out your ear drums, but part of the fun of a theater is the louder-than-usual sound effects.

5. Extend the fun with after-movie activities. After the movie is over, if it’s not time for bed yet, extend the fun by asking each other trivia questions about the movie, downloading coloring pages if available, or re-enacting your favorite scenes. The Jungle Book DVD comes with a fun downloadable activity kit to really enhance the experience.

More about The Jungle Book from Phase 4 Films

The Jungle Book is based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic story about Mowgli, a little boy left in the jungle and raised by the animals. Mowgli and his friends like to have fun, which means making a lot of noise. The not-so-pleasant Shere Khan is just plain tired of hearing it, and so he plots to put an end to it for good. The Jungle Book is a series on Disney XD, and it’s visually quite gorgeous. It’s really a pleasure to watch! I was a little apprehensive because we were such huge fans of the original Disney version, but Phase 4 Films does a great job of creating fun family movies, and I wasn’t too shocked to find that the Jungle Book movie was no exception.

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