Choose the Right Natural Laundry DetergentChoosing the right natural laundry detergent is something that I had a hard time figuring out, because I wanted something that would be effective and good for the environment.  spent most of my life believing that laundry detergent had to smell pretty and cause major suds to be effective. In all actuality, though, I’d probably never really know if it wasn’t working because I was so fooled by the fresh scent. I should have known better, when my ex was in the Navy, one of the tricks they’d use to pass inspection was spray lemon-scented dust cleaner everywhere. If it smells clean, the brain tends to think it is clean. I’m learning now that clean is more than about a pretty smell, and it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

Tips for Choosing the Right Natural Laundry Detergent

  • Don’t let labels fool you. Just because it says “natural” on the label doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly. So-called natural laundry detergent ingredients can still come from unsustainable sources. For example, corn is technically natural, right? Yet many farmers use genetically modified strains. Coconut oil is fantastic when it’s sourced through free-trade from sustainable sources, yet many manufacturers don’t go that extra mile. Sapindus, more commonly referred to as “soapberry” is highly sustainable and acts as a natural surfactant. The soapberry has been used for thousands of years by Asian and Native American cultures. They have natural antimicrobial properties that make them perfect for washing clothing.
  • Size matters. Once you’ve figured out the right ingredients to look for in your natural laundry detergent, consider the packaging and size. Opt for a smaller container of highly concentrated soap versus a large container of diluted soap. Less packaging means less wasting of natural resources, and less junk in the landfills later. Simply SoapBerry is a great choice because you get a whopping 128 loads out of a 32oz bottle.
  • Consider the convenience factor. When you’re looking at the packaging, take a look at the delivery method as well. Do you need to pour the soap into a cap, or does it come with a convenient pump? It may sound silly to say that this has an impact on choosing the right natural laundry detergent, but honestly, it does. I am a klutz! A major klutz. I spill things like you wouldn’t believe. Having a nice little pump, like the one on the Simply SoapBerry bottle, really does help me use less, which in the long run means less waste in landfills since I don’t go through my laundry detergent as fast.
  • Stay in your budget. I’m always so sad to see how very expensive some natural products are. I want to be a greener person and do the right thing for the environment, but my budget is really tight and I have to go with the most cost-effective option. I am willing to spend a little extra on natural laundry soap and other eco-friendly products, but not a ton extra! Decide on your budget, then look for something that meets it. Simply SoapBerry costs $19.49 for 128 loads of laundry. That’s less than .16 cents a load, if my math is correct (math is not my strong point, so if I’m wrong, let me know). I can definitely handle that.

About Simply SoapBerry

Simply SoapBerry Natural Laundry Detergent

Simply SoapBerry is an ultra-concentrated natural laundry detergent made from saponins harvested from the base of the Himalayan mountains through sustainable farming that supports the Nepalese farmers who grow it. I’ve been using it for about a month now on all my clothes, and Jacobs. It does a terrific job of breaking down grease and grime, and although it doesn’t leave behind any sort of scent, the clothes still smell clean. It worked great on Jacob’s muddy jeans, and even got a stain out of a shirt that I didn’t see until it was already set in (or so I thought).

At first, I didn’t think it was possible for a couple little squirts to actually be enough to get my clothes clean, but really, that’s all it does take. Um, I may have overdone it with the first few washes because I lacked faith, but I decided to try it the right way and honestly, that tiny amount of laundry detergent really does get a whole load fresh and sparkly clean! Well, not sparkly, unless you have sequins or something. But you know what I’m saying! I would definitely recommend Simply SoapBerry for anyone looking for natural laundry detergent.

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