Chef's Edition Spice StackCooking with spices is a great way to keep the calorie count of your food down, since you don’t have to load up with butter, cheese, or other fatty foods to make it taste better. It’s economically good, too, since most spices cost less than $5 a canister, and they last a very long time because a little goes a long way.

Of course, they’re not really economical if you’re constantly buying the same ones over and over because your spice rack (or, as in our case, cabinet) is overflowing and out of control. Plus, you can hardly reap the health benefits if you never end up using them because you forget that you have certain spices. The Chef’s Edition SpiceStack by YouCopia makes it easy to find all your spices with just a single glance. No more digging around, forgetting what you have, or wasting money on duplicates!

Tame your cluttered spices with Spice Stack

Before receiving my SpiceStack for review, my spice cabinet looked like this:

Spice Stack: Before
Not too horrific, but not exactly efficient either. The spinning shelves did help a bit, bu notice that it’s layers deep with spices, among other random stuff (like the emergency backup powdered creamer for when I run out of the liquid stuff). It definitely needs a little cleaning up!

The Chef’s Edition SpiceStack holds quite a few bottles of spices. Basically, you can fit 30 regular bottles, 60 of the minis, or a combination of the two. I pulled out a bunch of spices and started loading them in the pull-out trays. The nice thing about these trays are that they stay attached to the unit and slide down, so it’s easy to access everything.

Spice Stack 3

Clearly, we are fans of McCormick Spices. I never really noticed how many we have. Notice that there are two Poultry spices there, as well as duplicate Gingers? Oh geez, there’s two Rosemary’s too! I don’t even want to know how much money I wasted on duplicate spices, so I’m going to stop looking now. It’s like a matching game!

After loading up the first tray, I started on the second:

Spice Stack 2

Notice that it fits all different types of spice bottles. The height of the drawers are pretty decent, so you can really get a lot in there. Once you’re done, you just close the drawers and find a good place on your counter to keep it. That way, your spices are always at hand! Spice Stack 4
If you want to make it even easier, use the labels that come with the SpiceStack. There are 96 in all: 48 pre-printed ones and 48 blanks. I didn’t add them yet because I’m going to try to get rid of a few of the duplicates and organize it alphabetically when I’m feeling a little more motivated.

YouCopia also makes several other really cool organizational products, including smaller versions of the SpiceStack and similar items to hold your medications, coffee pods, K-Cups, and more.

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