Achieving superior health doesn’t need to require hours of working out in a gym,ditching all your favorite foods in favor of low-cal options, or complete overhauling every aspect of your life. There are plenty of smaller things you can do every day that really add up to better health. About a week ago, we discussed ways to stick to your resolution for a healthier you in 2013. This week, we’ll discuss the little things you can do to make that goal easier to achieve.

Simple Tips for Superior Health

  • Make one small change each day. Rather than changing your whole lifestyle overnight, just change a little each day, or even each week. Switch out full-calorie creamer in your coffee for low-fat. Use healthy spices instead of salt in one meal. Increase your water intake by 8oz a day until you reach your full recommended amount. Little changes are less jolting to the system than huge changes, so they may be more likely to stick. 
  • Increase your exercise amount in small increments. Park at the back of the parking lot at the grocery store, take the steps instead of the elevator, or walk your dog an extra few blocks before turning back. Again, little steps add up!
  • Add vitamins and supplements to your regimen. Just about all of us are lacking somewhere when it comes to vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Talk to your doctor to see which supplements you would benefit from most. Have a hard time remembering to take them? Stash a supply of Nature Made VitaMelts in your purse. You can take them without water and they taste great too. They have a variety of different supplements to meet your needs.
  • Take a power nap. Let’s face it, in our busy lives, we rarely get the full recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. While going to bed earlier is definitely better than trying to make up for it later, a 15-20 minute “power nap” during that mid-afternoon slump can go a long way to revitalizing your energy. That afternoon slump is the prime time that many people make unhealthy choices, such as grabbing a candy bar to boost energy.
  • Laugh more often. Did you know that laughter can lower your blood pressure, increase your alertness, and maybe even help guard against respiratory infections? Plus, it gives your abs a great workout. Besides, laughing is just plain fun! So log on to those sites with the funny cats or break out the comedy movies and make sure you laugh at least once a day.

What are your tips for achieving superior health without making a complete lifestyle change overnight?

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