Today’s writing prompt from the 31 Day Blog Challenge is Daily Routine,  so here’s a peek at mine. It varies a lot from day to day, but the morning and night is usually pretty much the same. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone would be to excited to read my daily routine. If I was, say, an international super spy then maybe it would be a little more thrilling. Then again, I wouldn’t be able to tell you about it!

My Daily Routine

7:30 Alarm goes off. Get the boy up, turn on the TV for him, and give him some sort of breakfast item.

7:33 Go back to sleep

7:55 Get up, get boy dressed, down a cup of coffee

8:05 Take boy to bus stop, along with friend’s boy, who I pick up on the way.

8:25 Back in the house, make another cup of coffee. Down half of it before I make it across the room.

8:30-10:30 Work on daily tasks for Our Family World and My Kids Guide, the two other sites that I write for. I also check my emails somewhere in there.

10:30 (sometimes earlier)- Eat the breakfast that Sal puts in front of me because he knows I am incapable of feeding myself a healthy breakfast when I’m in work mode.

11:00 Do some daily social media tasks for Pretty Opinionated

Noon- Shower and get ready to head out for any errands I need to do. This usually takes me until boy child comes home.

3:35 Head to bus stop to get boy child.

4:00 Actually, I have no idea what I do at 4pm every day. I must be in some sort of fugue state by then!

5:00 Have boy child do homework

6-9 Work on Pretty Opinionated stuff. Eat at some point.

9pm- Put boy to bed and relax for the night. Usually involves watching TV, reading, or playing on the computer without actually working.

12:30AM- Go to bed.

What is your daily schedule like? Does it involve being a super spy?