I thought it would be entertaining (for me, anyway) to do the 31 Day Blog Challenge, a fun writing prompt challenge created by Fabulous Finds by Tiffany. It’s a good way to get to know other bloggers, and for all my readers to get to know me a little better. If you’re a blogger, check it out and join in! Even if you’re not a blogger, these prompts would be great for a journal that you can pass on to your kids!

Today’s prompt: A Self Portrait and 5 Random Facts About Me. Here goes.

My Self-Portrait

This is from a few months ago, when my hair was shorter. It’s a lot longer now. It grows insanely fast. If you ever saw Interview with a Vampire, remember the scene where Claudia cuts off all her hair and it grows right back? That’s pretty much me! Well, without the lust of blood, of course. And the weird doll collection. Dolls freak me out.


 Five Random Facts about Me

1. I am a horrible speaker. I often play out what I’m going to say in my head, but it never comes out the way I want. I can’t answer questions on the spot without thinking about them, even if they’re something as basic as “where did you put the keys to the car?”  If I could just say everything I need through writing, my life would be so much easier. When I do have to talk, I get it over with quickly. I talk so fast, I’ve had New Yorkers tell me to slow down.

2.  I am afraid to drive on the highway. Contrary to popular belief, it has little to do with the actual being on the highway part and everything to do with the merging part. If I could find a way to never have to merge, I’d be just fine.

3. I cry my eyes out when that commercial with all the sad puppies comes on. You know, the one with that depressing song and the abandoned animals in cages? I have to change the channel, otherwise I get really depressed. I also can’t go into any sort of animal rescue facility, or read the cat stories at PetSmart without bawling. I want to adopt them all!

4. I was afraid of the dark until I was about 23. Now I can’t sleep unless it’s pitch black in my room.

5. I believe in faeries, magic, ghosts, and aliens.

So there you go! I’ve completed the first day of the challenge. Those who know me won’t expect me to make it through the full 31 days. I tend to lack follow-through on any sort of challenge. I’m hoping to surprise you, and myself, this time though!

It’s your turn now! Tell me a random fact about you!