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Benefits of Playgrounds

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Communities no matter where they happen to be, can really benefit from a playground or recreational area in many ways. Children living in a city neighborhood can take advantage of the area not only to keep themselves busy but fit too. Kids of all ages like to get together, and a recreational area or playground offers them the perfect environment to do so.

These days’ community playgrounds have to adhere to strict safety regulations and standards which give parents much more peace of mind of when they take their younger kids to play in them. The areas chosen for playgrounds are also made very secure and again this offers parents of younger children the reassurance their children will not be able to get out of the playground without being noticed.


Kids Get to Work off Their Energy

The best part about community playgrounds is that kids get to work off a lot of their pent up energy. Young mothers have a great place to take their babies to and it is a very social environment. Mothers get to know each other; babies make new friends and experiment with everything they find in the playground.

Of course, being able to take children to a playground is great; it also means that parents don’t have to go to all the trouble and expense of creating a play area in their back gardens. Community playgrounds usually offer a great selection of equipment for children to amuse themselves on – this also helps kids to let their imaginations go wild – a simple wooden play bridge can be turned into whatever a child wants it to be, when they are in a playground.

Getting to Know New Friends – Makes for a Socially Adjusted Child

Children who get to go to a community playground on a regular basis, soon find they make new friends. The playground becomes an important meeting place whether it’s to skateboard or play on any of the equipment. Children get to express themselves, especially their creativity and this also helps them to build up important social and communication skills which will serve them well in later on in life.

Benefits of Playgrounds

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Children Who Live in Apartments Can Really Benefit from a Playgrounds

Children as well as young stay at home mums living in apartments in towns and cities, can really benefit from being able to go to and use all the equipment in a community playground. Neighborhoods with limited resources have access to community parks which not only helps them get into the great outdoors but also to take advantage of the physical activities they can do in playgrounds.

Being able to stay healthier means less chance of contracting any chronic disease later on in life. The activities found in the recreational areas also reduces the chances of children becoming obese – which has become a real problem for many families in these modern times. Outdoor activities are a must and if children start at an early age, they tend to enjoy the great outdoors more than kids who when young did not get to enjoy the fresh air activities enjoyed in playgrounds.

Well Maintained Community Parks

Community parks and recreational areas are very well maintained which ensures the equipment is always safe for children to use without hurting themselves. There are rules that need to be adhered to and most of the time younger children are in the playgrounds with their guardians or parents to watch over them. Older children can use the playgrounds but they tend to do this when the younger kids are safe at home and in bed.

About the author

Tom Bruce, marketing manager and market research analyst at Monster Play, focuses his research on outdoor community playgrounds and its effect on society. Some of the community playgrounds are more like recreational areas where older kids can fool around and meet up with their mates. The equipment is just as safe with skateboarding areas where kids can show off and practice their skills. Some even have basketball courts and again this offers kids the chance to form close bonds with other older kids interested in the sport too.


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