Easter Crafts

It’s time to get started on some fun Easter crafts that the whole family can enjoy doing together! Actually, it was probably time to get started weeks ago, as Easter is in less than two weeks, but it’s never too late. Well, maybe April 1st would be too late. It’s kind of silly to create Easter crafts the day after Easter. Then again, you could totally call them spring crafts and still rock as a crafty mom! Since I stink at crafts, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from amazing bloggers who gave permission to have their crafts used. Visit their sites to get more information, like how to actually pull off their super cool crafts.

Easy Easter Crafts for the Family

DIY Tissue Paper Butterfly

Easter Crafts Tissue Paper Butterfly

Now, this one, you could actually get away with waiting until April 1st, because it’s perfect for the whole spring. I love these little tissue paper butterflies from My Kids Guide! They’re super easy to make and would look adorable hanging out on an Easter basket.

 Decoupage Easter Eggs


This decoupage Easter eggs craft from Confessions of an Overworked Mom  is one of the coolest ways to recycle those old plastic Easter eggs that we all have hanging around the house. I love t because it’s an Easter craft that you can save year after year, versus the decorated eggs that get eaten or tossed after a few days. It’s so easy, too, requiring just a few simple elements.

DIY Easter/Spring Wreath

Easter Crafts: DIY Yarn Wreath

Another great craft that you can do after Easter (because let’s face it, some of us are WAY behind on decorating), is this pretty and super easy Easter/Spring Wreath from CEO of Me. I definitely need to get on this one, because I still have my Christmas wreath hanging on my front door! Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I love the colors in this wreath, and it’s really as easy as wrapping the yarn and adding some pretty flowers!

Recycled Ice-Cream Bucket Easter Basket

Easter Crafts: Ice-Cream Bucke Easter Basket

Cute as a Fox comes up with some of the coolest craft ideas, and her Recycled Ice-Cream Bucket Easter Baskets is one of my favorites. I love the idea of creating a completely unique basket for those egg hunts. She uses fabric to decorate her basket, but says you can also use paper. Love a craft that makes allowances for what I have on hand!

 Easter Bunny Flower Pot Craft

Easter Crafts: Easter Bunny Flower Pot

How cute is this Easter Bunny flower pot from The Kid’s Fun Review? It’s perfect for younger kids, as it doesn’t require much more than painting the pot and sticking on the face. Actually, it’s perfect for me too, because I craft like a preschooler! Use it for spring plants, a gift from the kids, or as a basket!

Do you have any great ideas for Easter crafts?