Welcome to day five of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, hosted by Fabulous Finds by Tiffany. Today’s writing prompt is: Favorite movies you never get sick of watching. You’d think this would be an easy one, but I am having a hard time narrowing it down! I love movies, and there are many that I’ve watched over and over. Here are a few of my top choices.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is my all-time favorite book, and I really enjoy all the different artistic interpretations of it through the myriad of movies that have been done. While Tim Burton took a lot of liberties with the story, I have to say that it’s definitely one of my two favorites (Disney’s animated feature being the other). It’s just a visually gorgeous movie, and I could watch it all day without every getting tired of it.


Kevin Smith is one of my top favorite directors, and Clerks is definitely the best movie he ever made. I love the humor, the low-budget setting, and the witty dialogue between the characters. I’ve worked in both a convenient store and a video store, so I can completely relate to Dante and Randall.

Chasing Amy

Another fantastic movie by Kevin Smith. It’s my second favorite by him, and I especially love Silent Bob’s big speech at the end about how he got all insecure and pushed away “the one,” and he’s spent the rest of his life Chasing Amy. I think it’s a good cautionary tale for couples, especially when one of them has a bit of a past.


What’s not to love about The Princess Bride? It has a bit of everything, from romance to adventure to humor. Wesley and Buttercup are high up on my list of great love stories that don’t end in death.

Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas is probably one of the most depressing movies I’ve ever watched, so I’m not sure why I love it so much. I think because it was just so well done. It’s a very bitter and raw look at love and addiction.

monsters inc

Unlike my son, who can watch just about every kid’s movie over and over, there are very few that I can watch more than twice tops. Monsters Inc. is one of them. I cannot wait until the new one comes out!


I went with the movie poster for the first one, but I’m content to watch any of the Harry Potter movies multiple times!