Blurb1A few weeks ago, I was offered an early bird trial of Blurb’s new Designer Photo Book Templates , and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to round up some memories into a more physical form. I went back and forth on which memories I wanted to capture, before finally deciding. I did a month-by-month account of Jacob’s life, with one photo from each month. He’s 7 now, so that’s 92 months to cover! Choosing just one photo from each month was the hardest part. Putting them into the book was the easiest!

Blurb has tons of great templates, but I really love their sleek new designer templates. I wanted something simple, where Jacob was the star of each page rather than a cluster of text, background images, and embellishments. Those all have their place in certain types of books, but not in this one.

Make memories come alive with Bookify

There are several different options for creating your book, but I went with the super-simple Blurb Bookify app. I love it because it doesn’t take forever to upload the pictures. Once I selected the 90 (I missed taking pictures for two months over the course of his 7 years, not sure what happened there!) photos that I wanted to use, they were all there in my panel in seconds.


Adding them to the book was as easy as dragging and dropping. The hardest part for me was putting them in order because my dates on my pictures are a little off in some months. Otherwise, I could order them by date and it would have taken less than 5 minutes to add them all.  I then went through each page and made sure the photo was zoomed and centered properly.


After previewing the book to make sure it was right, I clicked “order” and voila! My book arrived less than a week later! I love it! It’s incredibly gorgeous, and I can watch Jacob grow right before my eyes through the 90 pages. If you have recently taken a fun family trip or want to remember a great birthday party, head over to Blurb and create one of their new Designer Books using the code DESIGNMYBOOK and receive 20% off your order! The prices are reasonable to begin with, so this is a great deal!