Carmex Hydrating LotionWinter may be over as far as the calender is concerned, but some of us are still feeling it’s nasty bite! In fact, I think March has been even colder than the last three months here in the Poconos!  Winter is very unfriendly to my skin, and I go through tons of lotion during these months. Plus, during the Easter season, I work in my local mall, which seems to just suck every last bit of moisture right out of my body.

To make it even worse, Sal spent a week in the hospital at the end of last month. I visited him every day, and that air is very drying too! So basically, I’m an alligator right about now. Seriously, I think my skin is drier than a desert.  Thankfully, Carmex came to my rescue with a special package about a week ago!

As part of the Carmex Blog Squad, I’ve tried the Healing Cream and the Hydrating Lotion in the past, but I ran out recently, so this campaign had great timing. The Hydrating Lotion is really lightweight, making it perfect for daytime use. The Healing Cream is thicker, so it’s perfect for slathering on those really rough spots or for nighttime use. I like to use it on my elbows and heels during the day, and my hands at night.

Both the lotion and the cream are lightly scented, so they blend well with your body spray or perfume. This is important to me because I don’t want to smell like ten different things at once, but it’s not always practical to mix my body spray with a matching lotion. For those who can’t stand a greasy feeling lotion, you’ll be happy to know that Carmex settles nicely into your skin without leaving behind a filmy feeling.

Both the cream and the lotion are available exclusively at Walgreen and for about $5.79 each.



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Disclaimer: I received free products as part of the Carmex Blog Squad. This in no way affects my opinions.