Looking for peanut-free Easter candy ideas for your basket? Check out these goodies! Yes, there's even some yummy chocolate on the list!
Jacob doesn’t have a peanut allergy, but so many of my friends kids do. Easter is an especially difficult time because kids love getting chocolate, but most of the chocolates are labeled with a warning that they were made close to peanuts. While I know some kids can handle foods that came into contact with peanuts but don’t contain them as an ingredient, I know many can’t even tolerate foods that were made in the same general vicinity of the legume. Many parents opt to completely eliminate candy, and that’s fine, but for those who want their kids to get a basket filled with at least a few delicious treats, there are peanut-free alternatives.


Peanut-Free Candy Alternatives

There are plenty of different types of candy that don’t carry a peanut-allergy risk, although you should double-check the label to be sure! Examples include:

  • Lollipops
  • Hard candies
  • Gummy bears
  • Mints (without chocolate)
  • Licorice (including most flavored types)
  • Fruit chews
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Pez (perfect for Easter  because it’s like candy and a toy

What about Nut-Free Chocolate?

All the above suggestions are great and all, but to me, chocolate and Easter kind of go hand in hand. I always loved getting my big chocolate rabbit. While it’s great to restrict the amount of candy your kids eat, seriously, that chocolate bunny is pretty much iconic! So what do you do if your child is allergic to nuts, but you still want to give them a chocolate bunny? Order from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, of course!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

I am particularly fond of companies that started out of a passion to fill a need for a child. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates began as a way for Gail Elvidge to give her son the experience of delicious chocolates without putting his life in danger. Gail’s son suffers from a peanut allergy, so you know she goes to extreme measures to make sure that nuts never come in contact with her chocolates. While the company has grown from its humble beginnings, it is still dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety when it comes to nut allergies.

Gourmet chocolate without the risk

Now that you know how safe Vermont Nut Free Chocolates are for those with peanut allergies, the burning question is: how do they taste? I mean, safety is good, but if no one wants to eat it, it’s kind of moot, right? Well, I am a chocoholic by nature (and a picky one at that!), and I absolutely loved the samples I was sent to try!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolate

My favorites were the Dark Chocolate Bag of Eggs. Each pretty foil-wrapped egg was loaded with dark chocolate goodness. These aren’t lightweight eggs, either! I’m talking yummy, satisfying little nuggets of amazingly rich goodness.  I also really enjoyed the packed little takeout-style box of dark chocolate Dot Box Skippers. The candy-coated chocolates fill the cute Easter-decorated box to the brim. While those were my two favorites, the little milk-chocolate bunnies, the Crispy Chick, and the yummy little Bunny Pop were all completely delicious. This is definitely gourmet chocolate.

Thankfully, while the chocolate is of the highest quality, the prices aren’t what you would expect for a gourmet experience. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates has Easter candy that ranges in price from as little as $0.45 for a little chocolate cross to as much as $68 for a large pre-made Easter basket packed with goodies. While chocolate is the main star at Vermont Nut Free Chocolate, you’ll also find a selection of jelly beans and marshmallow goodies.

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