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Easy Spring Decorating on a Tight Budget


Spring seems to be having a really difficult time escaping the clutches of her Winter captor this year! She gets lose for a day or two, bringing warm temperatures and sunny skies, then gets whisked away once again so Winter can continue his tyrannical reign. Maybe we should help her out by making our homes a little more inviting! Let her know that we’re ready for the bright, airy days that she brings, and add a little color back into our decor!

Okay, I’m done waxing philosophical and anthropomorphizing the weather. The point is, it’s time to put away the heavy dark curtains, thick throw blankets, and everything else that screams “winter” and get out the fun stuff that signals a switch to longer, warmer days. Of course, changing your entire decor costs money, and let’s face it, most of us don’t really have a lot of that laying around these days. Fortunately, what we do have is a lot of imagination and the sense to make a little go a long way, right? So we can still have beautiful spring decor without going broke!

Easy Tips for Spring Decorating on a Tight Budget

Bring the outdoors in! Take your child hunting for beautiful wild flowers and place them in pretty vases in every room of your house. No flowers? Find some nice twigs, spray-paint them in airy pastels, and prop them up in clear or colorful bottles.
Easy Spring Decorating on a Tight Budget using vases and flowersChange your lampshade. Buying a whole new lamp can be costly, but switching out your mundane lampshade for something a little more spring-like is easy! The pink body in Pam Grace Creations Springtime Lampshade is subtle enough for any room, while the green polka dots make it a really fun statement.

Easy Spring Decorating on a Tight Budget using lampshades

Go for the practical and pretty! When you don’t have a lot of spare cash laying around, spending money on spring decor may make you cringe a bit. I know I feel guilty when I buy something that really has no purpose other than looking pretty. If I buy something that has a use AND looks pretty, though, I feel much better! A fun spring memo board can cost as little as $10 (less if you already have supplies around the house to make your own) and will look pretty hanging on your kitchen wall!

memo board

Hang your child’s work of art. No one creates art quite like your child, so put your little Picasso to work and have him create a spring masterpiece to hang on your walls. My bedroom wall is covered with my son’s awesome artwork. Best of all, you’ll have a true one-of-a-kind piece that really means something to you!


Decorate with colored stones or sea glass. You can pick up some really gorgeous sea glass or colorful stones pretty cheap at craft stores and home decor stores. Choose a few different colors and arrange them in a clear glass, then display on your mantle or side tables.

Sea Glass

Switch up your bath towels. Make a spring decor statement in your bathroom by getting rid of those dark towels and bringing in some lighter pastel colors. It’s amazing how quickly you can transform the whole look of your bathroom with a different set of towels.


It is possible to decorate for spring on a budget, you just have to use your imagination and, in some cases, rethink exactly what constitutes decor. Finding items that serve an actual purpose while looking pretty is a major key in saving money on decorating. Let go of the notion that your home has to resemble a magazine spread and start thinking outside the proverbial box a bit!