Can’t afford tickets to Europe to send mom off on a vacation this Mother’s Day? I know I can’t! Fortunately, mom doesn’t have to leave her house to have an exotic staycation! With the right tools, you can send mom on a trip to romantic Paris, Istanbul, or even back to ancient times. Best of all, she won’t be too jetlagged to enjoy it!

Staycation MOther's Day

How to give mom an amazing exotic staycation

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  • Choose your theme. Will you send her away to Paris? Give her an unforgettable trip to the busy streets of Istanbul? Send her on a whirlwind tour of Europe over the course of the weekend? That’s totally up to you. Of course, you don’t have to have a theme, but it does help in planning!
  • Set the stage. Have a friend take mom out for the morning while you turn the house into a hotel for her. Kids can help make brochures (check out these great places to get free or cheap graphics to really make it shine) with activities (see more on that below) and act as little “bellhops” to help get mom settled when she gets back. Present her with a little gift, such as flowers, a fruit basket, or chocolate-covered strawberries to welcome her to the “hotel.” Don’t forget the mints on the pillow!
  • Give her a room with a view. If it’s in your budget, either make or buy a poster large enough to fit over her bedroom window. Choose a scene from the city of your theme and tape it over the window. When she opens the curtains, she’ll be presented with a fabulous view!
  • Plan an exotic menu. Look for meals from the culture of your theme and plan an entire menu around it. If you can cook, make it yourself. Otherwise, check for restaurants in your area that serve the cuisine and arrange for several take-out times. Just make sure it’s something mom would actually try! As a picky eater, there is no way you could get me to touch, say, frog legs! I’d be happy with quiche, though!
  • Rent “theme” movies. You have a few options here. If mom enjoys subtitles, you can rent movies that are actually from your country of choice. Otherwise, just stick with the theme and go for movies that take place there. For example, if your theme is Morocco, rent Casablanca.
  • Plan a few excursions. This may require a bit of an imagination depending on where you live and where you choose to “send” mom. Think about what the “destination” is most famous for, then try to replicate that in your town. If the destination is famous for its wine (and mom drinks it), send her to a local winery. If it’s famous for art, schedule a trip to an art museum.
  • Small details make a huge difference. Pay attention to the smaller details to create a truly authentic exotic staycation. Teas, candles, and chocolate from your theme can all help set the right mood.

Suggestions to help create an alluring exotic atmosphere for a staycation

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Suggestions for setting a staycation atmosphere

I received a few really wonderful items to help create an exotic atmosphere in my own home. The first two come from the fabulous Le Palais des Thés, and the third is from Antidote, an amazing new chocolate company with an original theme: all their bars are named after goddesses.

Orange Tea

In the past, I’ve had a chance to try out Le Palais des Thés amazing hot tea blends as well as their iced-tea blends. I was super impressed not only with how delicious the teas are, but how classy they look! Now, Le Palais des Thés has come out with several brand new blends, called Plaisirs Purs. Like their other blends, Plaisirs Purs are made from only the finest ingredients from around the world. The four flavors- pear, lemon, orange blossom, and minty leaf- are perfect for a refreshing hot or cold beverage during the summer. I had a chance to try out all four blends, and they’re a completely different (yet still as delicious) experience than the other blends. They’re lighter and more reminiscent of a breezy spring or summer day. I particularly love the Orange Blossom (la fleur d’oranger) blend!



THÉ DU HAMMAM SCENTED CANDLECandles are another fantastic way to transport mom to an exotic location. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers for making connections in our mind. Le Palais des Thés has recently ventured into the world of fragrance, releasing candles based on some of their most famous teas. Both my mom and I loved their Thé du Hammam blend with its exotic Turkish flavors. Now, I can enjoy the aroma inspired by the tea anytime I want! The candle’s scent is deliciously different and perfect for a relaxing bath. Plus, it’s just gorgeous to look at! I love the calming blue glass holder. Each candle burns for up to 50 hours, too, so it will last throughout your mom’s exotic staycation!

Antidote Chocolate Bars

AhestiaLr2Treat mom to a taste of high-quality dark chocolate blended with exotic flavors such as Banana +Cayenne, Coffee + Cardamom, and Almond + Fennel. Antidote chocolate bars combine familiar ingredients, including rich dark cocoa, with completely new taste sensations. While I thought for sure the Coffee + Cardamom would be my favorite (and it’s an extremely close second), I was pleasantly surprised to discover how awesome Banana+ Cayenne tastes! It’s like a spicy chocolate-covered banana. I only recently discovered the joys of combining chocolate and spice, and now I must try all combinations! I love chocolate with a kick. I also love that every Antidote chocolate bar is named after a goddess. I can’t imagine a better chocolate to give mom for Mother’s Day!

Buy them: You can find the teas and candle at Le Palais des Thés, along with dozens of other fabulous gift sets and blends. Check out Antidote to learn more about the different unique flavor combinations they offer.

Do you have any great tips on how to turn your home into an exotic staycation for the weekend? I’d love to hear them!