How to Give Mom a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

A day at the spa is the perfect way to wind down after a busy week, but they can be a little costly. I know I can’t afford to head off to even a single spa day at this point, let alone a whole weekend! If sending your mother (or wife, sister, or anyone else you want to pamper) off to a resort for the weekend isn’t quite in your budget, there are plenty of things you can do to give her a relaxing spa day at home! These tips will make it fun for her and easy on your budget.

Tips for a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

  • Clear out the house! It’s a little hard for mom to relax for her spa day if the kids are interrupting her every five minutes to play or make them a sandwich. Take the kids to the park or a special outing of their own so mom can relax.
  • Get rid of other distractions. Hang a “do not disturb under penalty of death by spoon” sign on the door or something, unplug the house phone, and tell anyone who may have some sort of “emergency” that they are to call you, not mom.
  • Set the mood. Set up mom’s relaxing spa day stations throughout the house in logical places. If she’s going to be taking a hot bath, get the bathroom ready with candles, fluffy towels and luxurious bath products. If she’ll be relaxing in the living room, take the time to clean it up, make a playlist of relaxing music, and pay attention to other small details.
  • Prepare spa-like meals and snacks. Spas always have the cutest little cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit, and yummy fruit-infused beverages to serve their guests, so you should do the same. Skip heavy meals and think “refreshing.” Set non-perishables out on the coffee table (unless you have a thieving dog like I do, then set it on the counter), and mark all refrigerated items with a special Spa Day for Mom label.
  • Hire her friends and family. Unless you have the budget to hire a personal masseuse, contact friends and family who are really good at manicures, facials, makeovers, and so on to help pamper her. Just make sure they are aware that it is a spa day, not a “share our latest drama” get-together. Light gossip is fine if mom is in the mood for it, but ask your helpers to let her guide the conversation. After all, it is all about her!
  • Soothe her aches and pains. If mom suffers from back pains, shoulder aches, or any other ailment, give her a gift that will help soothe her while she gets pampered. I received a Thermal-Aid Heating and Cooling Pack to try out for my own aches and pains, and I love it!

More about Thermal-Aid

Thermal Aid for a Relaxing Spa Day

Thermal-Aid makes these amazing Heating and Cooling Packs in several different sizes. I received the medium, which is actually pretty big! It’s just right for propping up behind my back while I read or watch TV. I have herniated discs and arthritis in my back (freaking arthritis at 37, how is that fair?), so it hurts pretty much every single day of my life. I can’t really take a ton of pain meds because they either make me loopy or sick to my stomach. Besides, I don’t really want to live on a regimen of pills every day. I go with natural approaches as often as possible, and the Thermal-Aid pack is definitely helpful.

Just four minutes in my microwave keeps it hot for a long time. I actually fell asleep for an hour with it across my shoulder (which was hurting from walking my beast of a dog), and when I woke up it was still warm. You can also throw it in the freezer to make it a cold pack, which I definitely plan to try out in the summer! Thermal-Aid is definitely a great addition to any relaxing spa day!