Cable Turtle

My computer sits in a high counter space in a corner of my kitchen. The little nook is probably meant to be some sort of “sit and peruse cookbooks” area or something much more domestic than what I use it for, as it clearly wasn’t designed for electronics. Still, it was the best spot in the house to set up my home office, so I’ve made do with it. One of the major issues that I had was the fact that there was really no way to neatly plug in all my electronics. Up until recently, the wires were all basically shoved behind my monitor. It wasn’t just unsightly, I’m pretty sure it had to be a fire hazard!

Cable Turtle

Um, kindly ignore the dust back there, it’s one of those areas that I don’t think about all that often, which means it collects a bit of dust here and there. Oh, and I had no idea my monitor had USB ports on it! Wish I knew how to make them work! The things you discover when you actually move stuff around.

Taming the tangles with Cable Turtle


I received three different sizes of the Cable Turtle from  These flexible little guys are designed to wind up your excess cables and cords, so you don’t have a huge tangled mess laying around. I went with the Dark Blue color pictured above because I liked the color. Really, there was no other reason. It doesn’t go with my decor or anything (since I don’t really have any specific decor), but I suppose if you’re one of those matchy matchy people, you could choose one of the other 10 colors to fit your theme.

The Cable Turtles are really easy to use. Just flip up the flexible shell, wrap your wires, then flip it back down. It transformed my messy workspace from the picture above to this:


Cable Turtle After

Okay, so it’s hard to tell the major difference in the pictures, but the cords are now wound neatly rather than just kind of shoved back there. I should have taken the picture after I dusted, because I actually did clean the whole area after I finished winding up my cords.

Features of the Cable Turtle

  • They come in several sizes. Use a large one for those longer, heavier cords and the mini for your phone charger and other slim cords.
  • Cable Turtle can handle a 1000W load. I have no idea what that means. I’m not an electrician. I thought I should include it for those who actually do know what it means.
  • They’re flexible and durable! These little guys are made of a flexible silicone-like material, so they won’t break easily. I think you’d have to really be trying to destroy them to make them fall apart.
  • They’re cute! Come on, they’re little turtle-like objects, what’s cuter than that? Well, maybe babies and puppies, but you have to admit, a Cable Turtle is a pretty cute concept!
  • They’re inexpensive. A three-pack with one of each size is just $16.99. If you need one of each size, that’s definitely the way to go because separately they are a little more.

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