Just about every little boy (and some big ones too!) loves playing with cars. I think it must be something ingrained deep in the Y chromosome. I remember getting Jacob his very first car toy when he was still practically an infant! It was a clunky light plastic on that was safe for his age, don’t worry. Since that day, he’s amassed quite the collection. While I am completely dumbfounded at the difference between one car and another, apparently they all have their unique traits and abilities. Some are fast, some can jump higher, some have brute force, and some are just plain cool to look at. None of them, however, were totally customized Batmobiles…until now.

RideMakerz Batmobile

We recently had a fun Ridemakerz party thanks to Mommy Parties, featuring the ultra-cool Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ starter kits. Each kit comes with the basic car body plus wheels, hubcaps, and other cool accessories to totally customize it. I don’t have pictures from the actual party because I let Jacob use my memory card in his DS the next day to take pictures during a nature walk, and he accidentally formatted it or something.  Everything is gone. I’m working on getting pictures from other parents at the party though! These pictures are from one I had left over, I had Jacob make me a new car so I could show you how cool it is.

Playing with Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ starter kit

Basically, you start with the body, then add on the parts you want. The directions were a little confusing at first because it shows you how to put the body together, but our cars already came with that step done. I think it’s good that they give you that, though, in case you take it apart at some point!

Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ starter kit

Customizing is pretty easy, as the pieces are designed to go in specific areas. They snap in place without any issues, yet they’re simple enough to remove if your child wants to change things up. That’s important! I’ve had customizable toys before where once you snap something in place, Atlas couldn’t get it loose!


One thing I loved abut the Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ starter kit is that Jacob could do it all on his own. Usually, when it comes to assembling anything, I get stuck doing all the work, while he reaps the benefits of playing with it. This time, though, he really took pride in doing it all himself! He was very diligent about getting just the ride customization so his car was unique.

Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN™ starter kit

Once he had everything just so, he proudly showed it off!

Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz BATMAN Kit

We stored the extra pieces in a little baggie so he can switch parts out when he gets bored with this design. I kind of wish he would have let me help! I want to customize a car!

Learn more about Xtreme Customz products by visiting: www.XtremeCustomz.com  and by checking them out on Facebook.