7 of the Most Mysteriously Beautiful Places in the World to Visit with your Family!

Are you bored of the sun, sea and sand holidays which are regularly advertised by the leading travel companies? Would you like to find out more about architectural and historical wonders in different parts of the world? If you’ve answered each of these questions with a resounding yes then you should consider visiting some of the magnificent and mysterious sites outlined in this article.

Nara Dreamland – Japan

This Japanese theme park was opened in 1961. It featured rides such as the thrilling Screwcoaster and exhillerating Aska Rollercoaster. However, as the years passed and technology advanced, so the popularity of Nara Dreamland decreased. The owners decided that it would be best to close this theme park in 2006.

The rides and family attractions are still standing today, perhaps as a reminder that all good things come to an end. A number of security guards have been employed to ensure that people don’t intrude onto the site during the daytime or evening. However, there are accounts by people who have made it into the park and testified to the ethereal beauty of the abandoned visitor attractions.

Bodiam Castle – England


Those of you with an interest in medieval English history should definitely take the time to visit Bodiam Castle. Situated in the picturesque County of East Sussex, this fascinating building was created by Sir Edward Dalymgriggenot as a means of keeping the French invaders at bay. It features a moat, extended drawbridge, battlements and slit windows.

Bodiam Castle is visited by thousands of tourists every single year. Some take the opportunity to explore the well-maintained grounds, while others enjoy guided tours around the interior. It is very easy to imagine the lifestyle which the inhibatants would have led from the 14th century and onwards.


Angkor Wat – Cambodia

This great temple in South East Asia was completed 13th century. Originally been built in honor of the Hindu Gods, it would later become a symbol of the Buddhist faith, which has long since dominated this part of the world. Angkor Wat is now recognized as one of the world’s major tourist sites.

Some of the visitors are amazed at the intricacy of the carvings which adorn the grand temples of Angkor Wat. Others are enchanted by the sight of this religious monument against the backdrop of the setting sun. You might even join the crowds who opt to continue the religious learning experience with a trip to the nearby temple of Ta Prohm.


Easter Island – Polynesia

Easter Island, known locally by the name of Rapa Nui, lies isolated in the great Pacific Ocean. It is famous for having been discovered by the great explorer, Captain James Hook during the 18th century. We can only imagine his astonishment at seeing a group of statues depicting valued members of the moai community. He would also have been surprised to have found the stone bird carvings, which were an important symbol of the local faith.


Unfortunately the moai community had been ravaged by war, epidemics and famines by the time of Captain Cook’s arrival. The spirit of the once-great tribe had been greatly diminished and the tradition of constructing statues in honor of the dead had been forgotten. Still visitors, are able to marvel at the man-made wonders of Easter Island to this day!


Table Mountain – South Africa

Those of you who are thinking of staying at the villas in Cape Town can look forward to exploring the awe inspiring Table Mountain. This natural wonder stands at a height of 112 metres and is widely regarded as one of the best places for sightseeing in South Africa. Visitors often take the cable car to the mountain peak, where it’s possible to see a variety of exotic floral species. There is also the option of taking a week-long mountain hike under the guidance of local experts. This will allow you the opportunity to camp underneath the stars.


Goseck Circle – Germany

Anybody who wants an insight into the wonders of prehistory is encouraged to visit this site in the German district of Burgenlandkreis. Here you’ll find a group of cocentric ditches and palisade rings, which are known to have been used as a sun observatory. You may also be intrigued to learn of the skeletons and animal remains which have been found in this area. It is said that these artefacts are evidence of ritual sacrifice.


For a special experience you are encouraged to join the crowds who celebrate the winter and summer solstices at this site each year. You’ll be able to watch the sun setting on the henge and then enjoy a party which lasts well into the night.


Kolmanskop – Namibia

Namibia may not have a reputation as a first class holiday destination. However, there are a number of sites that are well worth visiting in this part of the world. A guided tour around the abandoned town of Kolmanskop may well be the highlight of your trip. You’ll have the opportunity to walk around old buildings which are now being envoloped by sand dunes.

The local experts will tell you fascinating stories about the German community that came to Kolmanskop after hearing about the local diamond reserves. You’ll see signs of the prosperity which the local people enjoyed, prior to the diamond price crash. You might even be tempted to round the trip off by watching The King Is Alive, a movie filmed mainly in Kolmanskop.