bound-to-youBound to You (Book 3 of the Spellbound Series)

Toni’s life is just one complication after another. First, her past comes back to her, then she has to deal with a psycho, and now it’s the biggest of them all. A choice that could destroy one life and be the bright future to the other.
How is a girl supposed to choose between two men that she loves?

On one hand, she has the Greek god Hades, the love from her past and the other, Ben the hot Vampire nurse that she met just over a week ago. Both have captured her heart in their own individual ways but whose love is the greatest?

Who does she ultimately love the most?

In the end, a decision is made in Bound to you…

**This Book Includes Sexual Content**


“Toni, I will do anything to protect you. You’ve got to believe me. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you; so if that means I have to fight off a Cyclopes every day until forever, I will.” His words touched the edges of my heart and reinforced the love I had for him. Our love was without conditions and unspoken. I didn’t have to tell him a thousand times a day that I loved him for him to know that it was true and vice versa. There was a connection between us from the beginning; and even if I didn’t choose him, I would never stop loving him. The more I think about this, the harder it becomes. No decision will be right because my heart will always ache for the other.

“Before y’all have another Notebook moment, we have patients to save and lives to change,” announced Dawn. We can deal with ways to protect Toni, later. The gods aren’t allowed on earth, so I don’t think we have anything to worry about, tonight.” Dawn always knew how to lighten the mood. But I needed to know more about what happened when she was with the gods.

“Wait, can you use magic to save people?” I inquired.

“Nope, Zeus forbids it, actually.”

“Then what’s the use?” I shook my head and we started toward the door.

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