Design a Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is a 21st century sanctuary, chock-full of contemporary kitchen appliances and décor that’s striking and futuristic. When it comes to a modern makeover, it’s important to consider products that feature the color scheme you’re working with, but are also very functional. Modern style is all about minimalism, with a high functionality.


Unlike the days of yore, a modern kitchen isn’t going to be country-chic with a bright mix of colors, bricks, and wood. Instead, one or two bright colors are typically the focal point and offset by one or two achromatic colors.

Modern colors include:

·  Whites

·  Silvers

·  Blacks

·  Browns

You can incorporate a bright yellow, or any other color, but don’t plan on a rainbow of colors if you’re working on a modern kitchen. Modern kitchen colors are all about synchronicity and simplicity. These kitchens are sleek and clean, rather than the colorful look of a country or artsy kitchen.


Modern kitchen appliances are defined by their conveniences. Not only are modern appliances energy savers, they also come with innovative new features. It all depends on what fits in with your kitchen décor and provides the most streamlined functionality for your family.

If you can afford it, ultra-modern designs include smart kitchen features like touch-screen interfaces and MP3 hookups. Modern refrigerators are capable of keeping multiple temperatures, both in the freezer and in the main compartment. Oftentimes, these appliances have ultra-green features and depend less on electricity to run, meaning you’ll pay less to keep them, but keep them for longer.

Cabinets and Countertops

Countertops may be the most noticeable thing in your kitchen. Next to your walls and floors, countertops draw the eye. Modern countertops should reflect the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen, keeping with the color scheme and functionality of everything else. Because modern times call for sustainability, make sure to seek long-lasting, durable countertops.

Kitchen cabinets should match your countertops, but they don’t have to. Lots of modern kitchens feature glass kitchen cabinets, with the contents inside completely visible or barely visible if the glass is tempered. Cabinets can have a different wood finish or be made of durable materials, like stainless steel. No matter what they’re made of, they should be high in functionality and fall into your contemporary color scheme.

Modern Kitchen Décor

Decorating your modern kitchen shouldn’t involve lots of kitschy items, like folk art and retro wall clocks. Instead, decorative items should be sparse. Modern kitchens are defined by their lack of clutter. In order to express yourself, while still remaining modern, pick one or two decorative items and separate them by some distance. For example, you can hang a cat wall-clock on a north facing wall and then place your grandmother’s vase in a more southern location.

Try adding color with some vibrant tiered kitchen curtains. Make sure that there are only one or two accent colors. If you’ve chosen blue countertops and everything else is white, consider another blue shade for your curtains and accent pieces. You could even choose white and blue checkers, but be careful that this motif doesn’t drag your kitchen from the future to the countrified past. It’s important that all patterns stay true to modern trends.

Final Touches

In order to keep your modern kitchen entirely modern, you’ll want to avoid clutter. Don’t keep piles of mail loaded up on the counter or island. Keep these areas free from any miscellaneous items and counters wiped down. This is going to ensure that any new guests will view your kitchen as you intend, as a contemporary kitchen with high functionality.