Note- I received the pizza stone kit mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always, my opinions are completely my own.

Have I ever told you what an amazing cook my boyfriend Sal is? Seriously, he’s extraordinary in the kitchen. He should be a chef, or at least have his own cooking blog. One of my favorite things that he makes often is his pizza. He knows exactly how I like it- with light, fluffy deep-dish crust and just-done melty cheese. Even though he personally prefers it crispy, with cheese practically burnt, he always makes my way to make me happy. What a guy, right?

When I was given the chance to choose a great Father’s Day gift item from QVC for this review, I immediately suggested the Mr. Bar-B-Q Grill Stone Pizza Kit. He was really excited about it because he always wanted a pizza stone. I couldn’t wait till pizza night so he could try out the stone!

Mr. Bar-B-Q 15" Grill Stone Pizza Kit

The Mr. Bar-B-Q 15″ Grill Stone Pizza Kit is awesome because you can use it on your grill or in your oven. Since the weather has been really freaky weird lately, we used it in the indoor oven. Unlike me, Sal actually reads directions first. Good thing, because I would have just slapped the pizza on the stone and threw it in the oven. There is a reason he is the one who does most of the cooking. Hey, we all have our talents! Cooking will never be one of mine!

How to bake pizza on a pizza stone

Pizza Stone

So, it turns out that you have to heat the stone first. That’s really important. Like, vitally important. Sal heated the oven to about 400 degrees (honestly, at that point, I was taking pictures and not paying attention to those types of details. I just wanted my pizza!). He them put the stone in the oven to heat up for about 15 minutes.

Here’s where I think it gets tricky, although he pulled it off without a hitch. You have to stretch the dough on a separate tray, then pull the stone out of the oven and prepare the pizza relatively quickly. So basically, make sure you have all your ingredients on hand. You don’t really have time to run back to the fridge.

Once you have all your ingredients ready- in this case just sauce and cheese because I’m a pizza purist- it’s time to bake it! The directions were for frozen pizza, so we had to improvise. Oddly enough, it takes less time to bake a frozen pizza on  a pizza stone than it does to cook a “raw” one! For pizza the way I like it, nine minutes did the trick.

Pizza Stone 3

Just look at that pizza! It’s perfect right down to the last bite. When Sal makes me pizza, I even eat the crust!

Pizza Stone 4

Features of the Mr. Bar-B-Q 15″ Grill Stone Pizza Kit

  • 15″ round pizza stone is just the right size for a nice, large pizza.
  • Included extra-large spatula makes it easy to remove from the oven or the grill. You can also use the spatula for grilling smaller items.
  • Comes with a pizza cutter!
  • Perfect for both indoor ovens and outdoor grills, so you can use it year round!

We love the Mr. Bar-B-Q 15″ Grill Stone Pizza Kit and will definitely be making regular use of it. If your guy (or you!) loves making pizza, you really can’t go wrong with this pizza stone kit for Father’s Day! Grab the Mr. Bar-B-Q 15″ Grill Stone Pizza Kit at QVC for $36.49.