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Everyone knows I’m not the world’s best cook, but I can bake on occasion. My cookies, brownies, and other baked goods actually come out pretty good! One thing I can’t bake, however, is cake. Oh, sure, the flavor is delicious, but for the life of me, I can not make a nice-looking cake! It’s always lopsided or deflated in the middle. So on occasions that I need a cake, I always go with store-bought.  Sometimes I even buy a cake for no reason, just to celebrate being alive.

Private Selection

I’m really looking forward to trying the Private Selection Upside Down Cakes from Kroger. They come in three different flavors: German Chocolate Fudge, Double Chocolate Molten and Amber Honey Apple Spice. I can’t decide which one I want to try first! I’ll probably go with the Double Chocolate Molten for a family event, and the Amber Honey Apple Slice for a classy get-together. All three are made with only the finest ingredients. It’s like getting a premium bakery cake without the premium price! They’re available at your local Kroger family store. Check here for the store nearest you.

The cakes require very little effort on your part. Just warm, flip, and serve. If you hide the box, you can totally convince everyone you made it yourself! Well, unless they already know about your cake-making track record. Then I suppose you’ll have to give the credit to Private Select. Still, you’ll look like a genius for picking out something so scrumptious.

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Coupon ends 6/2/13. Official Rules. In order to load these coupons to your card, you will need to sign into your Kroger account or set up a Kroger account and enter your card number. Limit one use per digital coupon. Digital offers are not eligible on Manager’s Specials, cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item, and do not double. Not all items are available in all stores. A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time.


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