I received the Radz products below in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

Technically, the last day of school was supposed to be June 1st here. We no longer have built-in snow days though, so that was expected to change. We definitely didn’t allot for the full week missed due to Hurricane Sandy! So now the last day of school is June 13th, the day before my son’s birthday.

I think the last day is something that should be celebrated, don’t you? After all, our kids have made it through another year of waking up before the sun. They made it through long days with less than 15 minutes of recess (at least at our elementary schools, that’s how it goes). They survived “3 times each” spelling assignments (a tear-inducer in our house because Jacob finds it so dreadfully tedious), stressful standardized tests, and so much more. Yes, they’re now going to be home every single day for the next two and a half months, something that makes work-at-home-mom cry a little, but they deserve a little celebrating before we start pulling out our hair trying to entertain them while still accomplishing something.

Radz Gone Wild

Radz Gone Wild

I like to get Jacob a little something for the last day of school, especially since he usually brings home a pretty awesome report card. Since I received a nice gift pack of Radz Gone Wild products to review, I gave him those for his last good report card that just came home in April.

Radz: More than just a candy dispenser

Radz are candy dispensers, yes, but they’re more than that. They’re also cool collectibles, each with their own personality. They’re cool backpack accessories. They’re fun to play with. They’re just really neat! I’m talking leaps and bounds from the candy dispensers we had as kids (and hey, PEZ was pretty darn cool!). The point is, even if you don’t want your child to eat candy, Radz are still cool.

There are tons of different types of Radz. In the Gone Wild line, we received Bandit the Zebra and Squeak the Penguin. Their tops are interchangeable, so we can create, say Zenguins and Pengras. I rock at name combining, don’t I? Not really, but you get the point. It’s fun to mix and match! Plus, there are cool accessories, like little mystery glasses and super colorful lanyards.

Jacob’s favorite is the Zebra so far. Check out his incredibly goofy “I am taking an obligatory picture because Mom says I will never get another package in the mail if I don’t” grin. He loves getting stuff for review, but doesn’t love picture time. Usually because he just wants to check out his new goody without me interrupting him for the “work” part of it. Also, I had taken 6 pictures prior to this that all came out fuzzy, so he was done being a good sport!

Jacob with Radz

Here’s one big tip for when you first get your new Radz: to open, you need to twist the hair, then pull it off. Twist and push to put it back on after you add the candy. I couldn’t find any directions on the package, and it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to twist the hair off properly, then twist it back on. I’m a little slow on the uptake at times, what can I say?

Each Radz character comes with a code so you can unlock free apps for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. I wish they’d make apps for Android systems. Maybe someday. Even without being able to access the apps, Radz are pretty awesome! Check them out on Facebook and YouTube!


Radz Gone Wild

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