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I live in sandals and flip flops during the summer, so I want my feet to be pretty! The thing is, I have really rough heels and I have to spend a lot of time caring for them year round to get them smooth. One line of products that I'm really interested in trying is Tree Hut. The products are available at Walmart, which means I don't have to go far or spend a ton of money to get them.

What Makes Tree Hut Hand and Foot Care Products Unique?

I know a lot about skin care products. I've spent hours researching the properties of different essential oils and lotion ingredients. Shea butter has always been one of my favorites because it has such a wonderful creamy texture. Plus, it works wonders on dry skin. Tree Hut uses Certified Organic Shea Butter as the base for their line of products. Next, they add essential oils known for their amazing skin care properties to each product in their line. For example, the Tree Hut foot cream contains Argan Oil and Rose Hip Oil. The Tree Hut hand cream contains Aloe Vera and peppermint oil. Anyone who knows me knows I have a major thing for peppermint oil! It's one of the most soothing oils I've ever used.

The one product I'm looking forward to trying most, though, is the Tree Hut foot scrub! Not only does it have peppermint oil in it, it's also a sugar scrub! I love sugar scrubs! They really are a delightful way to slough off all that icky dead skin. All the products are made in the USA and not tested on animals. It is extremely important to me that no animals suffer to make me look pretty. They're also Paraben Free and contain no DMDM.

Natural Beach Beauty


Natural Beach Style




With Tree Hut, I can take the first steps towards a naturally beautiful summer, starting with my poor aching feet! I'm planning to spend as much time on the beach as possible this summer (which is a challenge considering it's two hours away, but still, I'll get there!). If I take good care of my feet, I can show them off with these cute sandals (that I'll wear for about 20 minutes because, honestly, I'll fall on my face. But I really want to try them anyway!) along with a fun, breezy sun dress. What do you think of my style choices? You can be honest. I never claimed to be a fashionista, I just know what I like!

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