When asked to come up with topics for M.L LeGette, author of The Tale of Mally Biddle, I was immediately drawn to the Knights of Bosc Castle. In the book’s blurb, they’re all described as somewhat unpleasant, yet in an oddly fascinating way. I wanted to hear more about these characters, so LeGette obliged by creating character profiles! Check out her guest post, then read more about The Tale of Mally Biddle.

Character Profiles: The Knights of Bosc Castle

Sir Illius Molick, Captain of the Knights — Molick has held the top position for a very long time. He was Captain during King Sebastian’s rule. He is a chiseled man, normal height, and heavy set — more muscular than overweight. He is strict and forceful, ruling his knights with an iron fist. He has always harbored a greed for power and enjoys unleashing his authority upon others and has a strong tendency for violence. In fact, he encourages his knights to use any means necessary to smoke out the rebels, his personal foes. During the new reign when Salir Romore is on the throne, Molick’s ego inflates dramatically and he refers and sees Bosc Castle as ‘his.’

Sir Anon Haskin, Second in Command — A bear of a man, broad shouldered and tall with a vey bushy beard. Haskin caused a bit of a sensation after the death of King Sebastian. He was a lower tier knight, stationed to patrol the outer walls … a job that is not cherished in the slightest. After the new regime formed, Haskin hopscotched all the higher level knights to procure the valued Second in Command position. Haskin was very liked among his fellow low level knights. These friends felt that Haskin deserved the promotion as he was a ‘damn fine knight’ and were happy that his skills had finally been noticed and rewarded. Others however, felt that Haskin did not deserve the high position and are bitter about the choice to this day.

Sir Adrian Bayard — Hot headed, violent, arrogant, and opinionated. Bayard likes getting his way and does not appreciate individuals who defy him or embarrass him. He holds grudges. He inflates his skill and brags about his unbeatable horsemanship. Bayard is a bully and targets the townspeople who (if they tried to fight back) would be beaten worse or taken to the dungeons. He longs to be Second in Command or (even better) Captain of the Knights. He basks in power and enjoys showcasing his authority.

Sir Leon Gibbs — Resembles a glittering, black beetle. When Salir Romore is made king, Gibbs asks to be tax collector. The job is awarded to him and he gleefully goes about his day, sucking the townspeople and surrounding villages/towns/cities dry. His black hair is thin and slicked back with oil. His laugh is bubbly and highly grating. He is short and very round. His favorite companion is Sir Brian Rendle and they are often found in each other’s company. Rendle, at times, travels with Gibbs as he collects taxes. Gibbs is fond of luxury and cherishes good wine and food. He harbors a great longing to lock himself in Archibald Diggleby’s wine and meat cellar. His attempts have been thwarted by Diggleby on numerous occasions, which has only added more fuel to Gibbs’ desire.

Sir Brian Rendle — Perhaps the most beautiful of the knights, Rendle possess a straight nose, blond hair, baby blue eyes, and a strong chin. He also has the most fanciful hat of the knights, one with a vivid red feather. Charismatic and charming, Rendle has melted many a young woman’s heart. His attractive smile and good looks cause many to drop their guard while around him, leaving people uncertain as to whether he stands in the ‘For Rebels’ or ‘Against Rebels’ category. But those who have witnessed his brutality are left highly unnerved that someone who can so easily tell a joke can so easily break an arm.

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The Tale of Mally Biddle by M.L. LeGette

mallyWhen Mally Biddle agreed to spy upon the King of Lenzar and his overbearing knights she knew she was heading into danger. She didn’t know she’d find a family unlike any other.

Posing as a servant in Bosc Castle, Mally serves tea and tends fires for the most dangerous men in the kingdom. Her goal is to learn the truth of what happened sixteen years ago, when the infant princess met her death … a death that is surrounded by more questions than answers.

Along her search for the truth, Mally meets the energized Lita Stump, the strict and matriarchal Meriyal Boyd, and the opinionated Archibald Diggleby. Then of course there are the knights: Leon Gibbs who is slicker than a greased hog, Adrian Bayard, hot tempered and violent, and the worst of the lot: Sir Illius Molick, Captain of the Knights. And then there is Maud, a mysterious woman who just might know everything…




Author Melissa LeGette

Melissa LeGette lives in Georgia where she helps run a family farm, so her nails are a fright. The Tale of Mally Biddle is her second novel.

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