My ongoing obsession with subscription boxes in general and complete craft kits that come in a box in particular have led to me a fantastic discovery when I was given a chance to try out  a Wummelbox for review. What’s a Wummelbox? It’s pure crafting fun, that’s what it is! Each month (for as long as you choose to receive it), you receive a box filled with crafts revolving around a particular theme. For this review, we received the Time Travel Wummelbox.

Wummelbox Time Travel Kit

Ooh, time travel! Jacob and I were interested already! we couldn’t wait to unwrap those bright orange tissue paper packages and see what was in store for us! Look! It even comes with scissors! Oh how I love when everything is included, since I rarely have all those “common household items” that most crafts call for. The ONLY thing we had to add to this kit was a cup of water to clean the brush off. Oh, and imagination, of course, but we have plenty of that between the two of us!

Wummelbox Packages

Each craft is wrapped separately so you don’t mix them up, although some components will be use more than once. In this case, the paint was common in all three crafts. We did two of the crafts this past weekend, since it was nice outside. We’re saving the last one because after he made the second one, Jacob had to run off and play with it!

Step back in time with cave paintings

The first craft we did from the Wummelbox was the Cave Painting craft. The kit comes with a blank canvas, wooden disks, and foam shapes to adhere to the disks (even the adhesive is included). It also comes with Velcro pads and tips on how to create your own cave out of blankets.

Wummelbox Cave Painting Stamps

Once you stick the  foam shapes to the disks, you have fun little stampers! Just paint them and stamp them on the canvas sheet to create your own cave painting story!

Wummel Jacob Painting Wummelbox Cave Painting 2

It’s pretty easy to wipe the paint off each foam stamper so you can use them over and over in different colors. Once you’re done, hang your painting to dry. It dries really fast! Put the stampers away for another fun project because they’re totally reusable.

Wummelbox Finished Cave Painting

If you look, there are two very different stories going on here. Jacob’s story is about a family of ducks who walked into a fire. Poor ducks! He says they survive through. My story, up in the upper right corner, is about elephants in love. There’s also a lot of random cave painting, because we were just having fun stamping.

Travel backwards and forwards in time

While both of us loved the cave painting craft, Jacob was super thrilled about the Time Travel machine. Of course, who wouldn’t be? I think we all dream of traveling back in time, just for a peek. While I’m paranoid about the whole “Butterfly Effect” thing, if I could be guaranteed that I wouldn’t change anything, I’d travel all over the time line!

There are a few things that I really loved about the Time Travel Machine craft from Wummelbox. First, it’s super high-quality. Everything in the box was, but this was just really impressive. From the wooden board to the wooden dials to the real screws, it’s something that is going to last a very long time.  The second thing is that it was a great chance for Jacob to learn more about using a screwdriver to build something. He’s old enough that I could let him do that part on his own. It was great for his self-esteem to be able to say “I made this whole thing myself.”

Wummelbox Time Machine Assembly

Check out our finished Time Travel Machine. Jacob decided that one color wasn’t enough, so he used all three.

Wummelbox Time Machine Complete

The dials turn, and the different stickers let your child really use their imagination to travel to different timelines. Jacob ran off to play with it right away. He traveled back in time to the dinosaurs. Then he invented metal and used that metal to build something or other, and traveled forward to another time where he made a fortune off his invention. I can’t remember all the details, but he was really into it!

Wummelbox Proud Time Traveler

More about Wummelbox

Wummelbox comes you straight from Germany, and is created with the highest safety standards in mind. Whenever possible, they use recycled or recyclable Earth-friendly materials. As I said, this is a very high-quality craft and exploration kit. Not only are they fun, but you’ll end up with 3-4 very cool items that can be used over and over. From time machines to cars to wind chimes, there are not “one-use-only” crafts. Your child is basically making their own educational toys!

Each box retails for $35.95, but the price goes down if you subscribe for several months. With a 12-month subscription, they’re just $19.95 per month. Price includes shipping.  Subscriptions can be purchased on the Wummelbox website. You can also connect with Wummelbox on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a Wummelbox kit in exchange for writing an honest review. My opinions, as always, are my own.