I received a Berenstain Bears Family Pack to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Berenstain Bears

I remember reading about the adventures of the Berenstain Bears when I was a little girl. I think half of the lessons I learned when it came to values and safety came from that sweet bear family! Okay, so they probably came from my mom and grandparents, but when you’re a kid, talking bears really drive the message home a lot better than talking parents! Now, decades later, my son is learning from the Berenstain Bears in a whole new way! Back when I was a kid, we didn’t have fancy DVD players, you know. We had to wait for the yearly specials to air to catch the Berenstain Bears in live action! The rest of the time, we read the books.

Now, though, kids can enjoy the adventures of the Berenstain Bears whenever they want! With the release of The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition and The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition gift sets from Kaboom Entertainment, your child can relax on the sofa and soak in all the great lessons that Mama and Papa Berenstain share with their children. Plus, each gift set comes with a plush version of its main character to snuggle!

Crossing the generation gap with Berenstain Bears

Each gift set comes with one DVD featuring 120 minutes of Berenstain Bears fun. Jacob enjoyed watching the Brother Edition the best. Up until now, I don’t think he’s ever seen the Berenstain Bears as a cartoon. I know we’ve read a few of their books together over the years, but as a cartoon it was a totally new experience for him. I haven’t seen them in ages, so it was a trip down memory lane for me.

The cool thing about shows like the Berenstain Bears that have been around since we were kids is that they’re a great way to bridge the gap between generations. Sharing something we loved as kids and seeing your own kids fall in love with it is a great way to bond. I can tell Jacob about how I used to read the books, then share stories from my own childhood with him.

Fun Facts about the Berenstain Bears

In honor of the Berenstain Bears Golden Editions release, I thought I’d dig up some fun facts on the titular iconic family!

  • The characters were created by Stanley Berenstain and Janice Grant, who met in an art class.
  • The couple got their start as art teachers before deciding to try out a career in cartooning. They originally published books with cool names like “How To Teach Your Children About Sex Without Making A Complete Fool of Yourself.” I really need that book!
  • At first, there were only three characters: Mama, Papa, and Brother. Sister came later.
  • Dr. Seuss was the editor who actually named the Berenstain Bears! Originally, they were just called “The Bears.”
  • Actor Michael Cera (of many films now, my favorite of which is Juno) voiced Brother Bear in the 2003 series.
  • Critics haven’t always been nice to the Berenstain Bears. Some have called them syrupy, lecturing and worse. I say phooey to them! Yes, phooey! The Berenstain Bears are classics! They teach good values without being preachy.
  • The Berenstain Bears became the spokesbears for Prevent Child Abuse America in 2007.

What do you think of the Berenstain Bears? Did you grow up loving this classic? You can grab the The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition and The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition gift sets at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club for $19.99 each.