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When I was little, I had strabismus (often called lazy eye). After two surgeries, though, the issue was corrected and I spent the majority of my life so far with 20/20 vision. Now, as I’m nearing 38, I am noticing signs that maybe my vision isn’t so perfect anymore. First, I had to wear reading glasses when reading in low lighting. Then in normal lighting. Now, I have to wear them when I work on the computer. I think soon I’ll need real glasses.

It’s nice to know that I can find really stylish eyeglasses at for when that day comes. The Derek Cardigan line of Designer Eyeglasses are not only practical, they’re incredibly stylish. They have several different styles designed to fit your personality. Love the Catwoman look? They have cool cat-eye styles! Prefer a simpler look? Check out their round or square styles. The price is right too! Every pair I looked at cost less than $100, and I saw great deals like “take 30% off this frame” under many of them. Take a peek at a few of my favorites! Honestly, I’d probably go with one of the two on the top, because they’re more practical for me. If I was a bit more adventurous, though, I’d go with the bottom two.

Designer glasses

While the style options and prices are definitely two fantastic things about the Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses, I think my favorite thing about them is that for every pair of glasses purchased, Coastal donates another pair to someone in need. There are so many people out there who can’t afford eyeglasses. No one should have to stumble through life unable to see. is the largest online retailer of eyeglasses and contact lenses in North America. They offer the same designer brands and products offered in brick-and-mortar stores for half the price! They deliver them to your home or office so you can order in your pajamas anytime of day or night! You know how much I love staying in my jammies!

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