Personalized artwork is one of my favorite ways to decorate Jacob’s room. I like him to have something as unique as possible. Something that isn’t adorning the walls of all his friends rooms. When I was given the chance to try out Personalized Gifts for Kids by NameArt  for review, I was so impressed by the vivid colors and fun styles that I jumped on it. Personalized Gifts is a really cool new site that turns your child’s name into gorgeous and fun personalized artwork.

How to Create Gorgeous Personalized Artwork with NameArt

Creating the personalized artwork was so easy and took less than 5 minutes. In fact, it took me longer to take and resize the screen shots than it did to make Jacob’s cook personalized artwork! From the front page, it’s just one click to get started!

Personalized Artwork with NameArt

Choosing the theme is the hardest part. They have several to choose from, including Robots, Dragons, Wizards, Teddy Bears, Angels, Monsters,  Mermaids and Fairies. I knew for Jacob it was going to either be robots, monsters or dragons.I checked out the Monsters theme first.

Personalized Artwork with NameArt

It was really cute, but then I thought maybe I should just ask Jacob which he’d prefer. He opted for dragons. Pretty cool already, but I wanted it to be a bit more colorful.

Personalized Artwork with NameArt

Thankfully, changing the colors is a cinch! Just click on the style and color that you want.

Personalized Artwork with NameArt

Go through the whole name until you have the perfect combination.

Personalized Artwork with NameArt

After that, just add it to your cart and check out, then wait for your awesome personalized artwork to be delivered to your door. Now, they do say that it can take a couple of weeks before your artwork arrives, but mine actually came super fast. I think it really depends on the volume of orders they have.

Showing off Your Personalized Artwork

Our review package contained an awesome nameplate, a laminated place-mat, a bookmark and a nice poster perfect for framing. I need to get a frame for the poster, I don’t want it to get ruined hanging without one, so that’s still neatly in the tube for now. Everything else is getting great use.

The name plate is so cute and comes with a nice stand to display it on. It’s a nice, thick plate, so you don’t have to worry too much about it not standing the test of time. I love that the colors are just as vibrant in real life as they were on my computer screen. I just wish my camera could have captured that a little better.

NameArt Name Plate

The place-mat is really cool because it not only has your child’s name in the center, but you can see all the other letters of the alphabet in the same style that you chose. While Jake’s way beyond learning the ABCs at this point, I think the place-mat would be a fantastic way to work on that with younger children.


My personal favorite is the bookmark. Jacob loves reading, especially before bed. For the summer, I gave him a new rule. Well, not so much a new rule as a bending of a rule. I told him that he can always feel free to “sneak read” after lights out. I got him a really good reading flashlight, and he sleeps with a book nearby. I think that every kid should experience the joys of sneaky reading under the blankets. It’s just a rite of passage! He uses his bookmark to keep his place. I want to steal it. Is that horrible of me? It’s such a nice book mark!! I have a freakish obsession with bookmarks.


Just for fun, and because I never get to make or buy anything girly these days, I played around on NameArt with my own name. I went with the Fairy theme.  What do you think? Cute, right?


I will definitely be ordering more personalized artwork from! There are two babies being born into our family by the end of the year, and one is definitely a girl. I think these would make perfect gifts for the nursery!