I received a copy of Sophia Within for review. My opinions are my own.

Sophia WithinGreek mythology is hot right now in the young adult literary world, and I couldn’t be more stoked. I love it! I love reading modern-day tales of the Greek gods, goddesses and demi-gods. I’ve always been fascinated with mythology in general, and Greek mythology is among my top three favorites (along with Norse and Egyptian). Sophia Within, by Jordana Lizama, fits right in with the genre while also bringing a new element into it. Rather than focuses strictly on the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece, Lizana chose to cover an entirely different branch of the mythos- Nymphs.

For those who aren’t up on their Greek mythology, nymphs are relatively minor nature deities. They’re not really goddesses, but more like eternal protectors and nurturers of nature. They’re typically relegated to minor roles in the Greek mythology genre…if they’re even mentioned at all. I’ve always like the nymphs, so I’m happy to see them get some time in the spotlight.

In Sophia Within, Sophia is a relatively quiet girl who seems to lack confidence in herself. She keeps her head down, studies to get good grades and pretty much just tries to float through high school unnoticed. Her daydreaming does seem to get her in trouble quite a bit though, which lands her in detention. That’s where she meets Alec, the strange boy who seems to know more about Sophia than she does herself.

Sophia soon discovers that Alec can read her mind. She also discovers a lot more from him. For instance, she finds out that she carries a nymph within her and that she is part of an epic battle that’s as old as the Greek gods themselves. How can one quiet human girl protect the being she carries inside as well as all of humanity? With the help of a cute guy, of course!

I love the idea behind Sophia Within. It’s such an interesting plot that really hasn’t been done yet. It’s originality is what drew me to the story. While there were some elements that I can’t say I loved- like how Alec doled out tiny bits of information at an infuriatingly slow pace, and how Sophia pretty much believed in him the moment they met- it was a fun afternoon read.


Today (6/10/13) only, Sophia Within is free on Amazon. Snag a copy now and read it on the beach or by the pool, if you’re among the lucky who actually takes a day off once in a while.