Climb That Fence & Take That Leap Review + $25 Amazon GC GiveawayClimb That Fence & Take That Leap Review + $25 Amazon GC Giveaway

Climb That Fence & Take That Leap

by Philip Johnsey

Ever wonder if there is more to your pet’s behavior than meets the eye? Can we learn something about ourselves by watching them?

Climb that Fence take that Leap is a compilation of personal, inspirational animal stories and the life lessons we can glean from them.

After enjoying these stories, you’ll spend a little extra time with your friend and know what it takes to Climb that Fence and Take that Leap!

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My thoughts on Climb That Fence & Take That Leap

I have three dogs and two cats (that are mine, my mom has one too), so I know a lot about animal behavior. I’ve often watched my dog, Maia, staring off into space as she sits on what we referred to as her “thinking hill.” I wondered what she thought about. Knowing her, she was probably plotting how to get rid of her brother, Cooper! The thing is, I spent a lot of time attributing human emotions and thoughts to my dogs, but not enough thinking how I can attribute their thoughts to me!

Climb That Fence & Take That Leap inspires us to do more than just look at our pets as, well, pets. It inspires you to instead take a deeper look at their behavior and see what you can learn from it yourself. I know that, as humans, we think we’re the smartest of all the animals. I often think we’re wrong. Sometimes I think we’re the dumbest! I mean, we are the only species on the planet that decided our lives should be determined by how much green paper we have!  Think about that for a moment. Really, really think about it. Do you see dogs crying over bank accounts? Cats worrying about how to earn enough money to keep up with the latest smart phone technology? Birds freaking out because they don’t look like the model on the cover of Hot Birds Weekly? We are just a weird species!

I love that author Philip Johnsey is so attuned to the animal kingdom that he could look beyond animals as just animals and give us all incredible lessons. From Ben, the incredibly talented escape-artist turtle to the heartbreaking story of Keiko, each tale provides valuable insight to what we can learn from our animal companions. I was especially touched by Keiko’s story, as we recently lost a cat to a similar type of oral cancer.

While there are a few sadder moments, overall Climb That Fence & Take That Leap is a collection of upbeat, charming and insightful stories. Johnsey does a great job of integrating the overall lesson into the stories so that you know what he wants you to see (because sometimes we’re a little blind to what we should take away from such a story) without being all “this is the story, now this is how you should feel about it.” I absolutely loved this book and feel that it is an incredible read for anyone- not just animal lovers or those with pets.


Climb That Fence & Take That Leap Review + $25 Amazon GC GiveawayAuthor bio:

Raised on a farm and having been a volunteer at different animal rescues, it’s no surprise that his first two published articles were about animals. So it’s only fitting that Phil’s first book is about animals and the connections we share. From Phil’s first high school job to present, he’s spent his career working with clients, explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand manner. Phil enjoys using his talents to make a positive difference and all the things he learns along the way. In addition Phil enjoys exploring the world and sharing those adventures via writing, photography, and videography. We are all connected and sharing our stories just brings people closer. Phil’s credits include, multiple I.T. certifications, account management, Reiki master, photographer, author of two blogs, writes a travel column for work, co-hosts a local television show, and whatever else he can get into.

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