I received a copy of Teen Beach Movie to facilitate my review. My opinions are my own.

Teen Beacj Movie

Remember those cool beach musicals of the 60s? Okay, neither do I, really. I wasn’t even a thought during that decade! I do remember catching them on late-night TV as a teen though. I don’t know that I ever really watched one all the way through. Musicals just weren’t my thing. I mean, where in the real world do people just suddenly break out into coordinated song and dance numbers?

Mack, the main female lead in Teen Beach Movie, feels the same way. She and her boyfriend Brady are trying to enjoy the last few days of summer. It’s a little hard when Mack has a major secret weighing on her conscience. See, Mack promised her mom before she died that she would go to a good private school.  Brady doesn’t know that Mack will be moving away in just a few short days!

The night before the day Mack is set to leave, she decides to hit the waves one last time, even though they’re dangerously high. Brady follows her to make sure she is safe. When a monster wave hits, the two are thrust into a whole new world: a teen beach movie! Mack is, obviously, a little less than thrilled. She starts trying to figure out how to get out fast, but Brady just wants to enjoy the moment and wait until the next epic waves come to take them home.

At first, Mack and Brady are more like bystanders in this strange 1960s style beach movie. But then, when Mack’s hair doesn’t even get wet after she falls in the water (seriously, what’s the deal with that in those old movies?). the couple realize that they’re more than just bystanders, they’re full-fledged characters! Things go really badly when the real lead characters fall for Mack and Brady! Will the be able to get out of the movie and head back to the real world? What will happen to their relationship when they do get back? You’ll have to watch and see!

Jacob’s Thoughts on Teen Beach Movie

I asked Jacob what he thought of this movie and he very emphatically said “I LOVED IT!” Imagine a pause between each word for emphasis and little hands being thrown in the air to really drive the point home. He’s a boy of very few words…sometimes. He’s watched it twice since we got it last week. If he watches a movie the whole way through once, it means he likes it. Twice, he really loves it. I have a feeling this one will be in rotation for a while. It’s just a really fun, sweet movie.

Teen Beach Movie originally played on the Disney Channel on July 19th. On July 30th 2013, you can bring home the DVD and watch it over and over! The DVD comes with a really cute surf board zipper pull! Grab it on Amazon for $17.99