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It seems like just last week my son was getting out of school for the start of summer break. Now, we’re already looking at back-to-school supplies! Even though Jake is only going into 3rd grade, we’ve already had a few issues with kids stealing from him. It’s sad that worrying about the security of your children’s belongings has to be such a priority! For parents of older kids, especially college students, it’s even more worrisome! At this age, teens have cell phones, MP3 players and cash on them when they head to school. These are among the most commonly stolen items. How do you make sure your child’s belonging are secure yet easily accessible? With a Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace, of course!

Master Lock has always been THE name when it comes to locking up your goods. I use them every year at my seasonal job to lock up our equipment. As far as I always, knew, though, they only made combination locks. I was surprised to see the really cool little SafeSpace!

Benefits of the Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace

Master Lock

The Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace is like carrying a little safe with you everywhere you go. Actually, it’s not just “like” carrying one, it IS a little safe! Your teens (or you!) can lock up all your most valuable pocket items so they’re not as appealing for thieves.

  • Perfect for everyone from college students to hiking enthusiasts.
  • Portable and light, so it won’t weigh down your backpack.
  • Can easily hold MP3 players, your cell phone, small gaming devices, credit cards, keys and other small items of value.
  • The cable that wraps around the safe to secure it doubles as a carrying handle.
  • Set your own combination. It’s so much easier to remember a combination that you come up with versus some stock one that has no meaning to you! Just don’t be obvious. Go with something that has meaning to you buy can’t be discovered by a simple search on our Facebook page. This means no birth dates!
  • The durable design is water resistant. I wouldn’t throw it off a bridge or anything, but at least your valuables aren’t going to be toast if you get stuck in a rain storm.
  • Convenient Ear Bud and Charging Cable Access Port let’s you keep your music locked up tight and still enjoy it!

Play the  Master Lock BTS Game

  • Want a chance to win awesome gift cards, video games, Master Lock product and more? Head over to the  interactive online game on the Master Lock Facebook page or at from now through September 8!
  • Each week, you’ll find a new game  featuring a different animated lock on a unique campus location. Use the hints provided in the game or on the Master Lock Facebook page to crack the code
  • You’ll have a chance to win daily instant prizes. Plus, for each week you play, you’ll be entered into the weekly sweepstakes and earn points towards the grand prize- a digital SLR camera!. Earn up to 12 points every day.
  • Want other ways to earn points? Use the hashtag #MasterCampusChallenge along with a creative photo or video of your Master Lock product. Upload it to Instagram or Twitter to gain points.

Join the Master Lock Twitter Party on August 6th at 8 PM EST, hosted by @ResourcefulMom by following the hashtag #MasterBacktoSchool. I’ll update this with a link to the RSVP as soon as that info is available.