Disclosure: I am the editor and health writer at OurFamilyWorld.com as well as the creative editor and US Distribution site for OurFamilyWorld Bags, so I do have a connection to the mini-cooler sling bags. However, my opinions, as always are completely my own.

Mini-Cooler Sling Bags at the Pool

I am so excited to share the awesome mini-cooler sling bags from OurFamilyWorld Sling Bags! If you plan to do any traveling, spend time at the pool, go hiking or just run errands this summer, you really need one of these. I use mine all the time. Last week, Sal and I went to the pool with Jake and his kids. We are trying to save as much money as possible, so we bring along all our snacks and drinks. I was so surprised at how much stuff I managed to fit into our mini-cooler bags! I took two 12-oz water bottles, three Hug Jugs and two Capri Sun pouches. I probably could have fit another drink pouch in there if I rearranged a few things, but that’s all I really needed.

Mini-Cooler Sling Bags Filled

One thing that is really terrific about the mini-cooler sling bags is that no matter how full you stuff them, they’re still comfortable to carry around. The strap fits over my shoulder and across my back in a way that helps evenly distribute the weight. This is important to me because I have back problems. Anything that I carry has to be comfortable, otherwise I suffer for it later!

Mini-Cooler sling bags are super cool!

You know I can’t resist a good pun! The mini-cooler sling bags do a great job of keeping your food and beverages nice and chilled until you’re ready to drink them. We left it out in the sun, slightly shaded under and umbrella, but it was still super hot. The drinks stayed cool the whole time we were there. That’s not the only reason the mini-cooler sling bags are so cool, though!

Every single bag in the OurFamilyWorld Sling Bags line ships with free samples. In the US, ordering a bag will also get you free samples of delicious Dole dried fruit slices. Free samples are always exciting! But wait, that’s not all (my son is fond of that phrase, as he watches a lot of infomercials)!

Keep Your Cool and Help Families With Mini-Cooler Sling Bags

OurFamilyWorld Bags donates $2 from the purchase of each bag to foundations that help children and families in need. I’ve been working with Olfa at OurFamilyWorld for about two years. I can tell you that she is passionate about helping other families. From the start, we asked “how can we help others with this project?” By donating more than 10% of the purchase price, we hope to be able to really make a positive difference in the lives of children in need. The message on the mini-cooler bags- Families Helping Families- helps spark conversation out and about. People ask what it means, and you can tell them: I am committed to helping make a difference in the lives of others.

An awesome line of sling bags for all your active family needs

Aside from the mini-cooler sling bags, OurFamilyWorld Bags also has other types of great sling bags for active families. My other favorite is the Racer Urban Sling Bag. Jacob does not travel light, even when we’re just going down the hill to have a yard sale! He loves the Racer Urban sling bag because he can fit all of his essentials and carry them himself. Yes, my son is wearing socks with sandals. What can I say, he has his own fashion sense!

Racer Urban Sling Bags

Check out all the great sling bags for active families at OurFamilyWorld Bags! Don’t forget to  enter for a chance to win your choice of one of the bags in the US Store in the Christmas in July giveaway!

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