This post is brought to you by Educational Insights, who provided me with a complimentary Multiplication Slam game to facilitate my review.

Multiplication Slam Game

I’ve never been a big fan of math. Once I hit long division, it was all over for me! Jacob, on the other hand, seems to enjoy it as much as he does reading. He’s one of those lucky ones who is good at everything. I guess he takes after my little brother. When Multiplication Slam arrived from Educational Insights, I knew he’d love it.  I tried it out first, just to see what it was about. I’m ashamed to say that while I did pretty decent in some areas, I completely bombed the Factors  game!

Multiplication Slam

Jacob heard me playing and said “hey, that’s mine! I want to play!” So I handed it over, not telling anyone about my complete failure at mastering what I assume is now 2nd  grade math. Hey, back in my day, we didn’t learn multiplication until 4th grade! Jacob was in 2nd grade last year and he was coming home with multiplication problems already! He was so into the game that he just stood next to my desk playing it for a few minutes. Finally, he moved outside to a more comfortable location (and a place where it’s easier to take pictures, thank goodness!)


 Features of Multiplication Slam

  • Totally portable, so you can take it anywhere
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Fun flashing lights and sounds to keep kids engaged
  • Levels get more difficult as your child moves through each game
  • Five different games help kids learn all the ins and outs of multiplication

Multiplication Slam Game Modes

  • Skip It: For this games, kids have to put 9 multiples of a number in order from least to greatest. This is a great introduction to multiplication for kids, as they simply see what numbers can be multiplied into other numbers without the pressure of knowing how they got that way. Does that make sense?
  • Fast Facts: Learn how to multiply a particular number. When you start, the game asks you to pick which number you want to learn more about. I picked 5. Problems appear in the LCD window, like 5×5. Then you have to pick the right answer from the 9 options.
  • Factor Frenzy: This is where I did horrible! Start by picking the number that you want to work with. I chose 8. Then, in the LCD window, you’ll get a problem like 8 X _=24. You have to find the missing factor. It’s kind of like division, which is my weakness!
  • Factor Pairs: Your child gets a number, then has to find the factors that make it up. So if you’re given 64, you’ll be given 4 numbers and you have to choose the two that make 64. Um, I think it’s 8 and 8, right? The sad thing is, I’m so not kidding with that question. I’m tempted to get out a calculator to see if I’m right!
  • Sequence: This one is pretty easy. I actually rocked at it! You’re given a sequence of numbers with one missing. Choose the missing number. That’s it! Finally, an easy one for me!

Jacob loved this game! He was so proud when he got through the Sequence game in 14 seconds. He’s been trying to beat that score every since, but I think that was his personal best so far. It’s a great game for kids ages 8 and up!

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