I received a Chocolate Pecan Cobbler from Comfort and Joy Food Inc. in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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There is really little better in this world than delicious comfort food…except when you don’t have to make that food yourself! Comfort and Joy Food Inc. delivers amazingly delicious comfort food right to your door. All you have to do is heat it up and enjoy! Each dish is prepared in small batches- no mass-produced stuff here- and made with the best local ingredients. Then they’re packaged with love and care and shipped directly to your home. Comfort and Joy dishes make the perfect gift for new and overworked moms! They’re also amazing hostess gifts! Each selection arrives wrapped in a reusable dish towel and a burlap bow tied around it.

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Comfort and Joy Food Chocolate Pecan Cobbler

Chocolate Pecan Cobbler Top View

Chocolate Pecan Cobbler Slice

After perusing the offerings on the Comfort and Joy store and drooling over the selections, I finally managed to choose one amazing item to try: the Chocolate Pecan Cobbler. Word can barely express how freaking amazing this cobbler tasted! From the flaky crust to the rich Ghiradelli dark and semi-sweet chocolates to the caramel to the crunchy pecans, every single bite was delicious. Take a look at the ingredient list:

Comfort and Joy Ingredients

See that? All real ingredients. No weird-named stuff that you can’t pronounce, let alone ever spell properly! Comfort and Joy Foods shipped my order over-night. It arrived packaged with freezer packs and was frozen. I could barely wait to let it thaw a bit to try it! In fact, I kind of bent my spatula trying to pry a piece out while it was still very frozen. Seriously, it’s hard to wait!! I put my half-frozen slice in the microwave for about 35 seconds. Once it’s thawed, though, you only need about 15 seconds to warm it a bit.

The chocolate pecan cobbler is very rich! A little goes a long way. Well, it would if you can manage to keep your hands off of it! Seriously, though, I felt very satisfied after a small piece. Every single bite was full of delicious pecan and chocolate goodness!

Other amazing dishes at Comfort and Joy

Like I said, with so many delicious choices, it was hard to choose which one I wanted! I almost went with the Salted Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie, that looks just amazing too! If lemon is more your style, try the Lemon Chess Bar. Not in the mood for desserts? Well, that’s a bit of heresy, but okay, don’t worry, Comfort and Joy has delicious meals too! Like Chipotle Mac and Cheese or Crab and Shrimp Pot Pie.

When you purchase a dish from Comfort and Joy, you have the choice between a disposable container, a glass dish or an engraved dish. Obviously, the second two choices cost a little more, but if you’re going for a gift, it’s worth it. Check out the full menu at ComfortandJoyFood.com