I received a complimentary package from Genie Bra  in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

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With back to school season upon us, it’s time to start shopping for clothes once again. If you have teenage daughters, that means bra shopping too! Of course, even if you don’t have teen daughters, you may need a little extra support yourself for all those open houses you’ll be attending. Whatever your bra needs, Genie Bra grants your wish for comfortable and stylish support!

I was an early bloomer. By the time I was 9, I needed a bra. By 13, I was bigger than just about anyone in my class. Now, well, I’m definitely still on the busty side! I can’t even tell you how hard it is to find a bra that is comfortable yet still holds everything where it’s supposed to go. Maybe you know. The thing is, I hate wearing bras! My shoulders are too narrow, so the straps always end up around my upper arms. I can’t stand the way the hooks feel against my skin. Underwire? Forget it! I’d rather be hung by it than wear it around my chest and have it digging into my flesh all day.

I also don’t have a fortune to spend on fancy bras. Sure, I could go into one of those high-end shops, get a fitting and walk out with a $50 scrap of material. That’s probably low-balling it too. My friend once paid $75 for a bra! Do you know how many books I could buy with $75? A bunch, that’s how many! Especially since I read a lot of indie authors.

So what makes the Genie Bra different?

Genie Bra

This is not me! This is a Genie Bra model. I am not nearly this attractive in my undergarments!

A lot, that’s what! Seriously, this is the most comfortable bra I have ever, ever, ever put on. I’m not prone to exaggeration, especially when it comes to undergarments, so that’s saying a lot. It fits snugly without cutting off my circulation. It keeps everything exactly where it’s supposed to, and it looks pretty darn good! Granted, I don’t look as good as the Genie Bra model above, but that’s definitely not the bra’s fault!

Now, if you need a little extra padding, you can leave the pads in the bra. If, like me, you need a little LESS padding, you can slip them right out of the “magic pouch.” Easy in, easy out. Even if you are busty, sometimes you want to wear the pads to provide a little extra coverage when you’re wearing a tighter shirt. You know, so you’re not blinding people with your headlights or whatever strange phrase they use to describe it when your nipples are poking through. That’s just not an attractive look, sorry Hollywood!

Cute enough to peek through!

I love that the Genie Bra is cute enough to peek through the top of a low-cut shirt. I have a few shirts that I bought on clearance once and didn’t realize just how low-cute they were. I need to wear something underneath them, but a full-length tank top just makes them look misshapen and bulky. The Genie Bra is the perfect solution. The top actually looks kind of like a tank top if you didn’t know that it was a bra. Plus, the Genie Bra comes in so many colors, it’s easy to coordinate with any outfit!

Perfect for dorm life!

I think the Genie Bra is a perfect bra for girls heading off to live on campus. I remember the semester I spent at a far-away college (only one semester, don’t ask. In my defense, I maintained a 3.8 when I moved back home!). I always had weird issues getting changed in front of other people. Wearing a cute bra can help college girls feel more confident. It may sound silly, but imagine walking around in cute underwear getting ready in the group bathroom, then imagine doing it in your stretched out granny panties (you know you have at least one pair!) and saggy bra. Which one would make you feel more confident?

Bottom line, you really have to try the Genie Bra if you’re looking for stylish, comfortable support. I’ve worn it on the hottest days of summer and it didn’t make me feel icky the way other sports bras can. It really doesn’t get more comfortable than this. At $9.99 a piece, it doesn’t get less costly either! Right now, you can snag the classic collection for even less than that at the Genie Bra shop! I received the Water Color Collection, but it’s only available for a limited time, so you may want to hurry if you want those colors!

For more colors, styles and other Genie shapewear merchandise,  visit the Genie website at www.geniecomfort.com