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Going Virtual – Part 1 & 2

Going Virtual Book Tour: Review + $25 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayIn Silicon Valley, innovation is gauged by its capacity to “disrupt”. What if you could knock down every office building in Silicon Valley and plant trees in their place? Now, what if you could knock down every office building while simultaneously doubling worker productivity, saving $ billions in expenses, and half a billion tons of carbon emissions? How’s that for disruption?

Going Virtual Book Tour: Review + $25 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayGoing Virtual makes a compelling case that offices are obsolete in the 21st century. The exhaustive research and case studies presented in the book dispel conventional wisdom that offices amplify resources. The findings in Going Virtual demonstrate that offices consume vast resources in terms of productivity and cash, as well as exacting a substantial toll on the environment. For example, each year, America’s 56 million knowledge workers collectively burn more than 10 million person years and 740 million barrels of oil in commute. Once these workers arrive at the office, their remaining quality work time is shredded to bits by endless interruptions.

Going Virtual demonstrates how businesses can survive and prosper in the “New Normal” economy of the 21st century. Part 2 offers practical advice on how to transition from a bricks and mortar office to a virtual one.

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My Thoughts on Going Virtual

I received a free copy of Going Virtual. My opinions are my own.

The world has changed a lot in the last few decades, yet it seems like businesses (both big and small) are stuck in the past. Throwing away money on rent, utilities and office decor just doesn’t make sense anymore! Especially considering that most meetings now take place online. Aside from maintaining the building itself, there are other costs involved in having a physical office space. Between commuting every day to and from your office, eating lunch out and buying fancy clothes so you look presentable, chances are your wasting a fortune when you don’t have to.

Going Virtual teaches you how to get out of that “I must have a physical office in town” mindset and build your own virtual office. Part one gives you all the reasons why it’s a good move, as well as the research to prove to you that it is in fact a good move. Part 2 is more about the “how” and teaches you about getting through the transition.

One of the things I love about this book is the intro. I’m usually one to skip intros in non-fiction books (I know, bad girl!). Todd hooked me though because he said what I’ve been saying for years- our economic crisis has more to do with our fuel prices than with the housing bubble! I’m not going to give you my soapbox speech on why this is, I was just thrilled to see that I got something right. I’m not exactly savvy when it comes to the business world.

Another thing that I really think business people will appreciate is that Todd doesn’t talk down to you. I was a little confused at some parts because, as I said, I’m not business savvy. I enjoy a book that challenges me and occasionally forces me to look something up! That’s how I learn best.

Todd really is the best person to explain Going Virtual! He made that leap long before all the cool kids were doing it, way back in the 90s. Yes, the 90s are now considered “way back.” Hey, in the digital world, that was like the Dark Ages! The point is, he’s not just some guy who decided to ditch his office building last year and write a book about it. He’s been living the virtual office life for a long time. Plus, he backs up everything he says with real research.

Whether you’re just on the fence and considering a change or ready to take the leap, Going Virtual will help you transition from the traditional office to a virtual one.

Author Bio:

Going Virtual Book Tour: Review + $25 Amazon Gift Card GiveawaySerial entrepreneur and author Todd Miller is CEO and Founder of gwabbit.com, maker of the award-winning series of gwabbit contact capture and cloud products. Declared a “Head-slappingly simple solution to a grating problem” by BusinessWeek, gwabbit has received numerous awards and accolades. Prior to gwabbit, Miller was CEO and founder of WebFeat, (sold to ProQuest in 2008). WebFeat is one of the world’s first successful global 100% virtual companies, and Miller is considered a pioneer in the field. Prior to WebFeat, Miller was President of Knight Ridder Information’s SourceOne subsidiary. Early in his career, Miller was responsible for the launch and rapid growth of the hugely successful InfoTrac search system at Ziff-Davis’ IAC subsidiary (acquired by Thomson-Reuters). Miller is a contributor to The Huffington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle. Interviews include Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson, EU advisor and economist Jeremy Rifkin, Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley, Emmy and Peabody award-winning astrophysicist Brian Greene, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Miller holds four patents in the field of search technology. He has received awards from the Gartner Group, Reed Publishing, CES, The DEMO Conference, and others. Miller has been a featured speaker on IBM’s eBusiness Tour and was featured in IBM’s “Success Stories” campaign.

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