Mary Poppins is turning 50 this year! Okay, not the beloved magical nanny herself, I’m sure she hit that landmark birthday long ago. The movie, though, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a special edition releasing on Blu-Ray Combo Pack on December 10th. Just in time for the holidays!


My sentimental attachment to Mary Poppins

I have a huge sentimental attachment to Mary Poppins. One of my greatest childhood accomplishments was playing her in my kindergarten play! I can’t really say I remember many of the details of that amazing performance, as I was 5 at the time. One thing I do remember as clear as day is the fact that I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to fly away at the end. I thought they were going to magically make me levitate into the air on my little umbrella. Instead, they just did some fancy effects with my shadow. Still pretty cool for a kindergarten play, though, right?

Ever since that groundbreaking performance (okay, so I probably flubbed a lot of lines and sang off key, but I was five, come on, you know I was still cute!), I’ve loved Mary Poppins. Really, what’s not to love? She’s every kid’s dream nanny. I had a lot of babysitters growing up with a single mom, but only one was nearly as cool as Mary Poppins. Sure, she didn’t have a magical bag or anything, but she did get me a turtle and tried to teach me to ride a bike. Her husband also made me a crazy-cool little kitchen play set out of cardboard boxes. She was my Mary Poppins in many ways.

Check out the trailer for the brand new 50th Anniversary Edition of Mary Poppins. Doesn’t it just bring back all sorts of wonderful childhood memories?


What is your favorite song from Mary Poppins? I have a hard time deciding, they’re all so wonderful!