This  post brought to you by hello: seriously friendly oral care. All opinions are my own.


When you think back-to-school shopping, what comes to mind? For me, it’s usually all about back packs, pencils, folders and clothes. I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to back-to-school oral health! When I was offered the chance to check out hello , I’ll admit that at first I wondered what made them different from all the other oral care products out there. One look at the super cute packaging, though, and I was officially intrigued. Of course, packaging doesn’t make a product great, so read on to find out more about why hello should earn its place on your back-to-school shopping list.

hello deliciousness!


Both Jacob and I are uber-picky when it comes to flavors. Yes, even when it comes to oral care! He’s worse than I am, but we both have very strong preferences when it comes to toothpaste and mouthwash. hello oral care solutions are all so very yummy! With flavors like Sweet Cinnamon, Mohito Mint and Pink Grapefruit Mint, you’ll look forward to brushing your teeth! In between teeth brushing routines, use the breath spray to give you an extra boost of freshness. I love the flavor of the Sweet Cinnamon!

hello gentleness!

hello design

While I can usually handle a little extra zing in my toothpaste, I like my mouthwash to be as gentle as possible. For Jacob, everything needs to be gentle. If it burns, he won’t use it. If he won’t use it, it’s not going to do it’s job, now is it? hello products are all super gentle. No burn at all! Just an amazingly clean feeling and fresh breath. The mouthwash is alcohol-free, so it’s a lot better for your mouth and that of your younger kids.

hello style!

hello toothpaste

The style of the packaging really makes hello stand out as an awesome oral care solution, especially for teens heading off to college! These are bottles that your kids will want to proudly display rather than hide away in the bottom of a carry-all. The toothpaste packaging makes it easy to dispense the good stuff without getting everything in sight all goopy. Plus, the put a little extra in to account for the toothpaste that never quite makes it out of the package! Isn’t that nice?  The little breath sprays are adorable and perfect for carrying in a pocket, purse or backpack.  The mouthwash packaging is truly spectacular! It’s sleek and vibrant, more like a work of art than an oral care solution! Here’s an interesting tidbit- the packaging was created by the same team that designs BMW cars!

hello friendly!

hello friendly

hello prides itself on being seriously friendly! From the soft bristles of the no-nonsense toothbrush to the their efforts to make their products as sustainable as possible, friendly is an important word at the hello offices! As a pretty friendly person myself, I love a company that makes that a priority!

I would highly recommend hello oral care solutions for everyone from kids to adults. I definitely recommend adding them to your teen’s back-to-college list! With hello, there is no reason to sacrifice style in favor of good oral health!

Where to buy hello products: Find them at Target, Walgreens and Duane Reade stores near you. Connect with hello on Facebook to find great coupons! Check out their Pinterest page for product images and other pictures inspired by their flavors and designs!