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School starts on Tuesday here. My son actually lucked out this year, because usually his school started the week before labor day. His was the only district in the area that did that, which I never thought was very fair! I asked Jacob if he is ready to go back. He has mixed feelings. On the one hand, he’s excited to see his friends and meet new ones. On the other hand, he’s not looking forward to homework or waking up early.

Is Your Kid Ready for Back to School?

A fun way to find out if your child is ready to head back to school is by taking the quiz on Ashley Tutors. The quiz asks nine questions like “did you finish your summer reading” and “are you ready to see your friends.” A couple didn’t pertain to Jacob’s age, so I based them on other things. For example, he wasn’t assigned summer reading, but I did get him plenty of books to read. So while it wasn’t exactly a specific list, he still read about half the books I wanted him to read this summer.

The nice thing about the quiz is that it brings up a few topics that I didn’t even think about when preparing for back to school. One of the questions asks if your child helped pick out snacks! Um, oops. I completely forgot about that! I have nothing in the house that qualifies as a good school-day snack! At least now I know we have some shopping to do before Tuesday!

We also used one question about that first day of school outfit to plan out what he will wear. Honestly, we’re kind of “let’s just wing it” people. I’m not a planner when it comes to real-world stuff. I can organize my online life down to the minute, but when it comes to the basics like planning outfits, I’m a last-minute sort of person unless something triggers my mind to plan ahead- like my son asking “what will I wear when I go back to school.”

According to the quiz, Jacob could use a few more weeks of summer! Unfortunately, that’s just not in the cards for him. Come Tuesday morning, we’ll both be back to getting up at the ungodsly hour of 7:30AM whether we like it or not. He’ll be getting on the bus and heading off for an exciting day of meeting new friends and seeing old friends. I’ll be back to working normal working hours instead of my summer schedule. We’ll both be counting down the days until next summer vacation!

Is your child ready to go back to school? Take the quiz at Ashley Tutor and find out!