I received a complimentary  Rejuvenator Shower Head to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.



Want to turn your shower into a spa-like experience? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you? I recently had the chance to try out the Rejunvenator Shower Head with Microbubble Technology and I have to say, it rocks! My skin is softer than it’s ever been. Even my hair seems happier, which is amazing since my hair has been incredibly grumpy lately. All dry and what not. I’ve been using the Rejiuvenator shower head for about a month now, and the benefits just keep getting better.

What is the Rejuvenator Shower Head?

Rejuvinator Shower Head

Aside from an amazing spa-like experience, you mean? The Rejuvenator shower head is a really cool piece of technological genius that not only gets your skin and hair squeaky clean, but also rejuvenates your skin every time you use it. It works through a combination of the Venturi Effect and  a patented Microbubble Technology. I had no idea what the Venturi effect was, I’ll be honest. In fact, after reading the explanation, I’m still lost. It sounds like physics, not my strong point. It has something to do with forcing fluids through a constricted pipe. In this case, the pipe is the brass innards of the Rejuvenator shower head.

It’s all negative…ions that is!

Part of what makes the Rejuvenator such a cool shower head that invokes a spa-like experience are the microbubbles that come pouring out over your skin. These itty-bitty bubbles contain negative ions. Now, one thing I do kind of understand are negative ions! Years ago, I did research into natural remedies for depression. I can’t take medication, so I needed to find some alternative therapies. One of the things I read is that depressed people feel better after a thunder storm. It has something to do with the negatively charged ions in the air. It’s always been true for me! Negative ions sound like a bad thing, but they’re actually a really wonderful thing!

Okay, look, I don’t understand the technical details that go into making this shower head work. If I did, I’d be inventing amazing things like this instead of writing about them! The fact is, the Rejuvenator works wonders on your skin. Whether it’s magic, technology or both, it does what it claims to do and that’s all you really need to know. Having me try to explain the science behind it is like asking a puppy to explain the time-space continuum. Actually, the puppy would probably do better at it than I would!

Easy to install and use in minutes!

Rejuvenator Shower Head 2


First, pay no attention to my ugly old shower head please. Or my less-than-magazine-worthy bathroom. Installing the Rejuvenator was a piece of cake. At least I think it was. Sal wasn’t in there too terribly long, so it must have been pretty easy. I don’t install stuff on my own. Bad things happen when I do. You install it along with your existing shower head. There’s a little switch on the side to change it over. It is detachable with a long cord (not cord, what is that thing called? Pipe? No, I can’t think of it!). I worried about the pressure since it’s so high up there, but it was perfect!

From the first time I used the Rejuvenator Shower Head, I noticed a difference in my skin and hair. It feels softer and silkier! For my hair, it doesn’t take three conditioning products to get a comb through it anymore! The Rejuvenator also uses about 30-40% less water, so I’m saving the environment and getting prettier!

No more stinky water!

One of the most surprising benefits of the Rejuvenator shower head is the fact that it almost completely eliminated my stinky water. My well is close to a sulfur vein or something and my water smells bad most of the time. It’s not harmful, but it’s not exactly a pleasant experience either. I don’t know what kind of magic is at play here, but the Rejuvenator shower head made the odor vanish! I want them to make faucet filters or something so I can put them all over my house!

Find the Rejuvenator Shower Head at the Rejuvenator Products website or on Amazon. It retails for $89.99 and is worth every single penny!