In my efforts to be more eco-friendly in my everyday life, I’ve been reading up a lot on repurposing. I love the idea of turning something that I don’t need or want anymore into something else truly awesome. The landfills are already over-flowing with stuff that we throw out. I don’t want to add more to it if I can avoid it! Take a look at these 10 great repurposing projects created by some of the best bloggers on the internet!


 Amazing DIY Repurposing Projects

Repurposing Containers

Looking for a way to make your garden more beautiful without spending a fortune on containers? Check out 10 Repurposed Container Ideas for Your Garden over at The Home and Garden Cafe. While you’re there, explore the site to find even more wonderful ideas to beautify your surroundings!

Recycled T-Shirt Bag

I love this No-Sew Recycled T-Shirt Bag from Better in Bulk! First of all, it’s just adorable. Second, no-sew means that even a child could do it (which, basically, means that even I could do it)! This is such a fun way to find a new use for those t-shirts that you don’t wear, yet can’t bear to part with.

Chunky Crayons Repurposing Craft

Do you have tons of broken crayons laying around? I know we do! I love this DIY Recycled Chunky Crayon Discs from MyKidsGuide. Many of the crafts over there reuse items from around the home, so check it out!


DIY Color Shoes

 Skip the expensive designer sneakers and instead allow your kids to create their own one-of-a-kind design with this great DIY Color Your Own Shoes Crafty from SusieQTpies Cafe! This is perfect for kids of all ages, especially teens who want to show off their own style.

Backyard Remake

Backyard looking a little drab? Check out how Adventures of Frugal Mom did an entire Backyard Remake for Under $50! She did it by reusing a lot of items that she already had and took her backyard from “blah” to “hurrah!” I particularly love how she made the pillows for her deck chairs!

Yogurt Cup Bracelets

If your family eats as much yogurt as mine does, you’ll love these Yogurt Cup Bracelets from Turning the Clock Back! They’re a great way for kids to make their own awesome fashion statement!

Tin Can Bird Feeder

Another fun repurposing craft idea from Turning the Clock Back is this cute Tin Can Bird Feeder! Show our feathered friends how much you adore them by giving them a stylish little abode to chill in while the munch on some yummy treats!

Ways to Reuse Childrens Books

OurFamilyWorld has an amazing series on repurposing children’s items. My personal favorite is Ways to Reuse Children’s Books. Check out 10 great ideas for those books that are just to worn to donate!


Do you have a lot of Altoids tins laying around? Check out these Altoid Tin Projects from Confessions of an Overworked Mom! Such a cute way to store little items and reuse all those handy tins!


Turn a plain old bed into a work of art with this DIY Reclaimed Cast Iron Bed project from Emily’s Frugal Tips! Perfect for the little wild one in your life! Not a cheetah fan? You can easily customize it to your style!

milk jug

Jacob drinks an insane amount of milk, so I was really pleased to see this 10 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs post from Thrifty Jinxy! From practical to crafty, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to reuse those jugs!


Do you have tons of cardboard boxes yet very few stylish storage options? Check out Texas Type A Mom’s Make Your Own Stylish DIY Boxes for Storage post and you’ll be creating awesome, gorgeous storage options in no time!