Note- We received the Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars and Wildlife Activity Journal from Educational Insights to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Nancy B's Science Club Binoculars

It’s been a summer of scientific exploration for Jacob, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I love that he gets so excited about educational play time activities. I’ve never been great with science, so I try to encourage him to learn as much as he can. I’m hoping it gives him a lifelong foundation that will help him surpass my abilities in that area. Honestly, sometimes I think he’s already more advanced than I am! I mean, he was asking me physics questions at age 5!

Jacob has always loved playing with binoculars. He’s had a few pairs over the years, but they were always the really inexpensive kind that fell apart easily. He was really excited about the Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars because, well, they actually work! Of all the wonderful products we received from Educational Insights in that shipment, the binoculars were the first thing he asked me to open for him.

Spy on nature with Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars

Explore Nature with Nancy B's Science Club Binoculars

The Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars zoom in to 4x magnification, so you can spy on nature close up! The center-focusing knob makes it really easy to make adjustments and get a great look at birds, insects or your neighbor’s dog. The built-in compass is a neat feature, as you can always tell which direction you’re looking it. Plus, it’s great for hiking. I have no sense of direction whatsoever, so I need a compass to tell me which way is east or west!

One thing I really love is the breakaway strap. If Jacob gets caught on anything, it’s easy to get the binoculars off! The rubber eye cups are soft and comfortable, and the rubber grip on the body makes it easier for small hands to hold onto.

Okay, enough about the specs, let’s get to the good stuff! I love that the Nancy B Science Club collection items all come with these great activity journals. The journals not only help kids document the real things that they see, but there are also activities for them to use their imaginations more. For example, one activity asks kids to draw what they would like to see through the binoculars. It’s interesting to see if your child will draw something they could theoretically see in the real world, or something totally fantastical, like a far off planet!

Jacob tried bird watching for all of five minutes and decided it just wasn’t his thing. Now, he uses his binoculars as part of his detective business. For $1, he tells me I can hire him to be my personal detective. That’s a pretty good deal, especially if he can find even half the things I lose on a daily basis! Hey, as long as he’s not spying on the neighbors, I encourage him to find new and exciting ways to use his Science Club binoculars!

Buy them: Buy the Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars at Educational Insights or Toys R Us for $15.99

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Explore Nature with Nancy B's Science Club Binoculars

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