I received Pilot Pens Back to School Kit to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Pilot Pens

I am a pen fanatic. I can never have too many! To me, though, there are generic “eh” pens and then there are PENS.  Once I find an amazing pen that writes like a dream, I guard it with my life. “Can I borrow a pen?” asks a random person. “NO! Sorry, I don’t have one.” “But I just saw you writing!” they say. “You’re clearly off your meds and hallucinating. That wasn’t a pen. It was a fish!” Okay, so I’ve never said that, but next time I will!

When it comes to mellifluously writing pens, one name springs to mind as being the PEN Masters: Pilot Pens. I’ve found myself coveting many a Pilot pen in my lifetime. Now, I covet no more! I received an kit  full of all the best Pilot Pens I could ever dream of. The pens in the kit include:

  • The brand new FriXion Clicker
  • G2 gel ink pens
  • Acroball
  • Dr. Grip Pen
  • Bottle-2-Pens

Dr. Grip: The Best Pen for Achy Hands

Pilot Pens 4

I actually have two favorites of the bunch, but let me tell you about Dr. Grip first. I dread filling out paper work. I think it’s because I type all day and I’m not used to writing by hand anymore. I also don’t hold my pens right. I failed “pencil holding skills” in Kindergarten! I’m not kidding! I think they called it something else, but there was totally a big “U” on my report card for Unsatisfactory simply because I didn’t hold my pencil “right.”

So anyway, the way I hold my pen actually makes hand cramps more likely. I took a picture to show you, but I bite my nails and it’s not pretty. So just trust me, it’s the “wrong” way to hold a pen. I also took a second picture with all the paperwork that I had to fill out sprawled across the table, but it came out blurry. Also, I realized that I took a picture of the wrong side. The “optional” side. The smaller side. The paper stack I had to fill out was much larger. Ugh.

I wondered if Dr. Grip, which is designed to ease hand fatigue, would work with my freakish way of holding a pen. Dr. Grip is commended Ease-of-Use by the Arthritis Foundation. It has this cushioned grip that makes it more comfortable to hold. I’m happy to say that even though I hold the pen “wrong,” it still made filling out all those papers a lot less painful. In fact, I think it’s perfect for those of us who tend to grip pens like their life depends on it.

Pilot Pens FriXion Clicker: Erasable Pens of the Future

Pilot FriXion Pens

Remember those erasable pens we had back in the day? They left streaks and smears IF they managed to not tear the paper all up. Well, FriXion Clicker pens are NOTHING like those pens! They actually erase completely with very little effort. It was like magic! I kept writing and erasing…just because!

My mom got the purple pen because it reminded her of when she was in school and used to write notes to her friends with a purple pen. Of course, her purple pen didn’t erase! Plus, hello, troublemaker! I never wrote notes in school!  I was an angel! I’m lying. My friend and I used to actually write backwards to make it harder for teachers to read. When that stopped working, we taught ourselves how to write in Norse Runes.

If you get just one pen from Pilot Pens, I would have to say this is the one to get. I love that you can get them in different colors. That would have been so handy back when I color-coded my notes in college. Yes, I went from troublemaker in high-school to total nerd in college. Well, except for that first semester, but it doesn’t count because I got it expunged from my college record.

Pilot Pens Other Contenders for “My Favorite”

Choosing my favorites was tricky! The other pens in my back to school kit were also wonderful. I was surprised at how lovely the Bottle-2-Pen writes. It’s the world’s very first pen made from recycled materials. It even kind of looks like a water bottle! Plus, it’s refillable, so even less waste winds up back in the landfills.

G2 Pilot Pens definitely live up to their name of being “premium gel roller” pens! I love that they come in stylish designs too for those who want to be extra classy when filling out paperwork. These are terrific for high-school students who enjoy showing off their own unique flare.

Pilot Pens 2

Acroball is a stylish pen filled with smooth hybrid ink that makes writing a breeze. I love this one because it’s thicker than other “fine ink” pens, which makes it more comfortable to hold for me. 

Aside from the purple pen that I gave my mom (because I’m a good daughter) I’ve been hoarding all my Pilot Pens in my desk drawer. No on goes in there, it’s kind of a scary place. Only I know where everything is in it! Want to learn more about Pilot Pens? Visit PowerToThePen.com! Check out Pilot Pen on Facebook and Twitter too!

Talk to me! What is your favorite pen? When you find that magical pen that writes like a dream, do you hide it from the rest of the world too?