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If you’re a regular reader, you know how much I abhor censorship. Banned books make me mad. Like really mad. Banned book week is the one week of every year that I stand on my soapbox and scream from the rooftops about the sheer insanity of banning words on a page. Back in 2011, I shared the most ludicrous banned books from 2010-11.  In 2012, I defended your right to read and told you about Stephen King’s banned books. I’m currently working on this year’s main post about banned books, so keep an eye out for that!

In the mean time, I joined up with the widely popular Banned Books Week giveaway hop, hosted by Bookhounds and I am a Reader, Not a Writer. I’m giving away your choice of banned book up to $20. Sadly, the list of banned books is astronomically long, so I’m sure you’ll find something you love on it.  Captain Underpants is on it! Are you kidding me??? GoodReads has a great collection of Banned Book resources and lists. Check it out.

The Ultimate Affront to the Freedom to Read

Banned Book Week Giveaway Hop: Win Your Choice of Banned BooksBanned Book Week Giveaway Hop: Win Your Choice of Banned Books

While I have your attention, I want to point you to a great book by a man who lived through WWII in Nazi Germany- a time and place notorious for banning books and anything else that didn’t agree with the insane man running the country. Horst Christian has written two books about his boyhood and how he was forced to be part of Hitler Youth. His first book, Loyal To A DegreeBanned Book Week Giveaway Hop: Win Your Choice of Banned Books rose to the top of several bestseller lists on Amazon Kindle. He just released the second book in the series, Trust To A DegreeBanned Book Week Giveaway Hop: Win Your Choice of Banned Books. These powerful books are based on true events. While they are not banned…yet…the events that Horst lived through could be considered the ultimate affront to just about every freedom, including the freedom to read.


Enter below for your chance to win a your choice of a banned book up to $20. If you want to choose two books that add up to $20, that’s fine too. If you want to choose several Kindle books that add up to $20, again, that’s fine. Choices must be from Amazon though, since that’s where I have certificates to pay for this self-sponsored prize!  I’ve tried to make it easy. All entries are optional. Do whichever ones you want.
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