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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle. All opinions are my own.

Yes, today we’re talking about bathroom habits. It’s all the rage now, don’t you know! Before having a child, I never would have talked about my own bathroom habits in person, let alone online! After giving birth though, all sense of shyness about what happens behind that particular closed door goes right out the window! We talk a lot about our kids bathroom habits, but we rarely talk about our own. Cottonelle is trying to change that! They are partnering with Cherry Healey to get people talking about their bathroom habits.


It seems weird to say I have a favorite toilet paper, but I do! It’s always been Cottonelle. Not just because of the cute puppy on the commercial either, although who am I kidding, that is a major appeal! I love Cottonelle because it’s cushiony, soft and gets the job done. Sometimes, toilet paper alone isn’t really enough to give you a clean feeling though. You know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t discuss it with others, I know you know!

After traveling abroad to Japan, I came to the conclusion that as far as bathroom habits go, we seem to be way behind the times here in the US. I encountered my first European-style toilet hen I checked into my hotel over there in 1999. I kid you not, it had like 10 different buttons! Obviously, it had a bidet. All toilets in other countries seem to have one. It also had a drying button!

Seriously! I could have dried my hiney right there on the toilet after using the bidet. I, of course, did none of that because I was so jetlagged I didn’t have the energy to try to figure out a magical toilet with more options than the mysterious vending machine down the hall.

Get fresh and clean with Cottonelle FreshCare Wipes!

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes

Fortunately, thanks to Cottonelle FreshCare Wipes, you don’t need a fancy toilet to get clean “down there.” The FreshWipes container fits right on the back of your toilet. It’s pretty unassuming, so no worries about it clashing with your decor! Although, honestly, I don’t really have “decor” in my bathroom! I suppose I should install some art in there, since I do spend a fairly decent amount of time in it! I do have some great bathroom books though!


The “Clean Routine” is really quite simple. Use Cottonelle toilet paper to start the cleaning process, then finish up with a FreshCare wipe! Your bottom will feel much fresher! We all want that, don’t we? You use wipes to clean your hands, face and even your toilet! Why not your bottom?


Cottonelle wants to get you talking about your bum and on a better way to clean “down there” by using the Cottonelle Clean Routine. By combining the use of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, the Cottonelle Clean Routine is a revolutionary way to keep your bum cleaner.

Are you ready? Don’t be shy! Visit to learn more about the Cottonelle Clean Routine and join the clean routine conversation.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.