I received a Hoopersize kit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Hoopersize My son is a hula hooping master. Seriously, the kid completely rocks at it! I’m not just saying that because he’s mine and I think everything he does is brilliant. I once watched him hula hoop for 15 minutes straight, never dropping the hoop! I have no idea where he gets this talent from. Do you know how many times I can make a hula hoop go around? Once. Actually, make that less than once. Like half of once. I have no rhythm or sense of coordination. When we were given the chance to check out Hoopersize from KidTribe, I knew Jacob would be excited. It arrived and we put it together quickly. It’s very easy to assemble, just snap the pieces together. Jacob is on the smaller side, so I left out one of the links to make it a bit smaller. After that, it’s time to get Hoopersizing! Hoopersize1

Features of the Hoopersize Kit

  • Super sturdy hoop! The Hoopersize can stand up to even the most active kids. It doesn’t bend or break the way some lighter hoops can. I’m not saying it’s indestructible. Nothing is indestructible, just as the people who built the Titanic. But it is definitely built to last!
  • Two DVD’s featuring cool videos like “How to get Hoopy with Dr. Hoopenstein” and ” Hooper-size Me!” The DVD’s show kids how to do different tricks, tell them about fun games they can play with the Hoopersize and even offer tips for how to eat healthier!
  • Hoopersize CD with seven cool tunes to give them a bit of rhythm to work out to!
  • DVD/CD Case features awesome Hoopy History facts! Did you know the hula hoop was invented over 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Kids made them out of dried grapevines! I’m a trivia fanatic, so I really loved that they thought to include a bit of educational material along with their great workout material for kids!

Jacob enjoyed watching the video and learning about the different tricks. Miss Kellee & the KidTribe Crew know how to have fun, and that comes through in the video! It’s fun and fast-paced, yet easy enough for kids of all ages to follow along with. When it comes to free play time, though, Jacob also really just enjoys doing his own thing with the Hoopersize. The great thing about it is that it’s totally up to your child on how they use it! It’s a diverse exercise tool that is completely kid-driven. No buttons, gears or voices telling you what you have to do. It allows kids to focus completely on just moving and having fun!

Check out Jake rockin’ the Hoopersize!

The Hoopersize is a bit heavier than the hoops that Jacob was used to, so it did take a bit more practice. Keep watching though, towards the end he gets all fancy and awesome with it!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a picture of my dog Cooper Hoopersizing! Okay, so he’s not really using the Hoopersize, but it was funny that he sat down on it like this. Trust me, this dog could use a bit of a workout! Jake said “look, he’s it’s a Coopersize!” Ignore the tangled mess of wires in the background. It was a impromptu picture and I didn’t clean before taking it! Hoopersize Coopersize Head over to KidTribe to purchase the Hoopersize kit with the two DVD’s and CD for $39.95. Follow Hoopersize on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up with news!


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